Thursday, March 3, 2016

Excerpt From LOVE IN THE AIR by Suz deMello

Part of the NAUGHTY LOVERS boxed-set, available now.

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Jill’s been curious about BDSM since reading Fifty Shades, and firefighter Zack is more than willing to scratch that itch for her.

Contemporary, firefighter, BDSM

Copyright ©Suz deMello, 2016


Jill had been dating Zack for a couple of months and they were in a good place, she felt. They saw each other two or three times every week, not just for booty calls but for dates and other outings like hiking and bike riding. They liked the same food, music, and movies. They were compatible politically and didn’t fight about radio stations—they both liked NPR—or TV shows—Game of Thrones, True Detective.

But did she want to go further, deeper? Yes, she did.

The sex had been excellent, but without the kink she’d dreamed about and had been counting on. He was holding himself back, she knew, based on their discussions of what he liked. He hadn’t even tied her up or spanked her, and she was disappointed. Not only did she want to experience some light BDSM, but she accepted that he needed kink to be truly happy, and she had gotten to the point of wanting him to be happy. With her. She wasn’t sure she loved him, but she liked him and wanted to see where the relationship would lead. Keeping Mr. Happy satisfied was the surest way to that result.

Did he want her to ask, even beg? She didn’t know if she had the words. Wandering the aisles at the local Target had given her an idea, though, so she dressed for their weekly Saturday night date with more care than usual. Then she added a couple of unusual accessories she’d purchased in the pet department.


When Jill opened her front door for their Saturday night date, Zack let his gaze skate over her outfit. A snug LBD in velvet, hemline short and neckline low but not too revealing. He liked that. He preferred women to be ladies on the street and demons between the sheets, and so far, she’d filled the bill.

Then he noticed her accessories. A pink leather collar. Good God—was that a dog collar? Whatever it was, it signaled a desire to submit. And two more around her wrists, clear references to bondage.

Whoa. So his sweet little Jill was ready to get kinky. His heart pounded, and every drop of blood raced straight to his cock.


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