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Gobs of Goodies #TinaDonahueBooks #99¢Sale #FreePrintBook

Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season!

There's still time to give yourself some presents. 
Look at these goodies I have for you.


Enter for your chance to win a print copy of First Comes Desire
Book One in my Pirate's Prize series - erotic historical

Goodreads CONTEST will award TWO winners

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Contest runs December 12 through December 31

(US & Canadian Residents)


On a lush, secluded island, one passionate adventure leads to another….

Diana Fletcher means business. The beautiful, innocent, reverend’s daughter has traveled all the way to a tropical island off Madagascar on a mission: To find her brother—and to punish the man who drove him to a life of piracy. But when she comes face to face with the enemy in question, the handsome, powerfully seductive man is not at all what Diana expected…

Tristan Kent never intended to harm Diana’s brother. A man of humble origins, Tristan claims he tried to save him from another ruthless captain. Diana is desperate to believe he is telling the truth…and that the intoxicating desire that escalates between them is true as well. But can she trust him? Or is Tristan’s story—and his heart—nothing more than fool’s gold? Amid the haze of sensual delights and soaring ecstasy Tristan has in store for her, all will be revealed…

99¢ SALE
Until January 1

Full length erotic historical - book 2 Dangerous Desires series

Warrior knights & the women they simply can't tame...



Follow the heart through darkness…

As the Inquisition gains force, even the faintest rumor can brand one a heretic. In this world it is Sancha's gift--or curse--to be blessed with the gift of healing. But the villagers are in need of her arts more than ever, and she feels it is her duty to help them at the risk of losing her life. And at the sacrifice of her heart…

Enrique has never wanted a woman as he does Sancha. Determined to have her love, he woos her with exquisite passion, giving her refuge to pursue her healing in secret. But their very desire and escape from the ruthless forces of the world may be their undoing. And together, they must pit themselves against a jealous rival and archaic tradition to secure their place in a hopeful new dawn…

99¢ SALE
until February 5

Loving Liesbook one of my Dangerous Desires series, is going on sale for 99¢ beginning today - December 25 through February 5. Woot!

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Deception knows no limits. Passion knows no bounds.
When she’s kidnapped, Senorita Isabella knows the men have been sent by her uncle in a murderous attempt to control her family’s fortune. But when she is rescued by a dashing and mysterious warrior, Isabella can’t imagine why a stranger would risk his life for her—until she discovers her rescuer believes she’s someone else….
Fernando de Zayas loves nothing more than the cry of battle. Defying death is his way of life. But when he discovers his betrothed has been kidnapped, he rushes to her aid—never suspecting that spirited beauty would soothe his warrior heart…
With her uncle’s minions close on their heels, Isabella finds herself drawing closer to Fernando. But as the desire between them builds, her secret could keep them apart forever…

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Friday, December 23, 2016

5 Romantic Holiday Tips for Lovers w/Bonus Naughty Ones

The Holidays should be more than rushing around the malls with a fist-full of coupons, or hours of online shopping. There’s always one more gift to buy, gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, holiday parties, anxious children, and relatives to please.

How can you keep romance alive with your sexy Santa’s helper and add in a little naughty and nice fun time through the season?

Here are a few ideas: Romantic Holiday Tips for Lovers

1.   Romantic Holiday dinner out for two. Years ago when I was single and didn’t live close to family, I created a tradition for myself so I wouldn’t sit home alone on Christmas Eve. I got dressed up, made a reservation at a nice restaurant, invited friends who didn’t have family or a place to go for Christmas Eve and had a nice, fancy night out. Many times I went out alone. The wait staff and managers noticed I was alone and treated me extra special, like offering me a free desert. I always tipped exceptionally well. They were away from their families working on Christmas Eve! (Remember your wait staff over the Holidays!)

After I married in 2001, I told Dh about my tradition and he suggestion we continue it as a couple. We take a break from holiday stress, family demands, etc. and have a romantic dinner out. Since it’s his tradition to celebrate the holiday with his family on Christmas Eve, we changed our tradition to the Eve of Christmas Eve, December 23rd. He starts looking for restaurants a month or more ahead of time. “Where should we go this year for our Eve of Christmas Eve dinner?” In 15 years we haven’t missed one yet!

2.   Holiday movie marathon. Get out the hot cider, hot chocolate or a good bottle of wine. Dig out your collection of holiday movies. I know you have your favorites (ours are White Christmas, the older Christmas Carole and Love Actually). Curl up for a cozy evening.

3.   Mistletoe in various places: String up sprigs of mistletoe around the house, or move one around to various locations—the kitchen, next to the Christmas tree, the bedroom, over a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles.

4.   Many places like parks and zoos have Holiday lights displays. Bundle up and take a romantic walk surrounded by colorful festive lights. Some neighborhoods love to decorate their homes. Just driving around to see their elaborate displays. I’ve seen some areas so elaborately decorated that people would park their cars and walk around. Do you have a place like that near you?

5.   Holiday concerts and shows. Check your area for holiday events. Some can be inexpensive given by colleges, churches and other community groups. We have a theater in our town. Or larger concerts like Trans-Siberian Orchestra. That’s on my wish list for one day. Plan ahead for these shows and get tickets early.


Of course the Naughty Literati have to offer a few fun naughty Christmas ideas too to spice up the holidays. You can exchange a few naughty but nice gifts with your lover. A super sexy gift he’s not expecting, but will truly love. By the way, these gifts are gifts for both of you!

Sexy lingerie for her, boxers for him.

Try out a new sex toy. There are a lot of news ones out there to try. Check out the online shops if you don’t want to shop at the local exotic/intimate shops.

Roleplay a 50 Shades evening of your own. There are many Exotic/lingerie shops and online stores that sell lovers kits with blindfold, restraints, flogger, etc.

Scented massage oil. Sexy massage…

Read passages of an erotic romance book to each other. There are several choices from the Naughty Literati anthology collection Give a book as a gift.

DVDof sexy/romantic movies, or go adventurous and try out some soft porn. Tristan Taomino has a list of films she’s produced that promote sex-positive topics.

Want some more ideas? Check out the post on my author blog: Naughty GiftRecommendations from the #RomanticSexGeek

Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Saving Sophia" and What Inspires Romantic Suspense? by Suz deMello (#Romance #RomanticSuspense @NaughtyLiterati)

My latest is Saving Sophia, which is part of A Fortune to Win, a miniseries I'm writing. The story appears in the Naughty Literati's winter 2016 collection, Naughty Flames.

What the story's about:

“It doesn’t matter” is cynical Sophie Fortune’s motto. Then her best friend is killed and Sophie herself is attacked. Can Detective Inspector Nick Wendell keep her safe and heal her heart?

Sound fun? It is. In fact, romantic suspense may be the greatest genre ever. Why?

No other genre supplies as many thrills and chills, ups and downs. Romance is great, but romantic suspense adds an edge of danger to the flame of love.

But how does this come about? How does an RS writer ply her craft? Where do they get their ideas?

I hear this question often and usually answer flippantly, “From Sears. They sell them by the dozen in the basement, between the bikes and the barbecues.”

Tower Bridge, Nov 2016
More realistically, ideas can pop in from anywhere. I travel a lot, and the cool places I’ve been often inspire my books. Aspects of Saving Sophia were inspired by London, my favorite city. A couple of scenes take place in a charity shop on Marylebone High Street, but the shop was patterned after one that my Auntie Roberta used to work at in St. Johns Wood. Sophie lives in Hampstead, an area where other family members of mine have lived. And the hospital where she was treated after she was attacked looks very much like the Wellington, in London's West End--where, unfortunately, one of my uncles was treated ten years ago.

The romance part of RS is often inspired by people we meet or experiences we have. The heroine in Gypsy Witch is a composite of the many Wicca practitioners I've met (I do live in California, you know). And her cop lover is an amalgam of the officers I've known--i used to be a trial attorney, so I met a number of policemen.

The suspense part—well, that’s something else. I tend to
 write RS from the victim’s point of view. I ask myself, “How would it feel if I was being stalked? What would I do? What would happen?” The answer is in Fashion Victim, in which my heroine, a couturier, is harassed by very determined tormentors.

Romantic suspense touches our hearts, grips our gut and takes us on thrill rides unlike anything else.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

This Santa's Helper Could be Making a Stop at Your Home!! by Marianne Stephens

Nothing serious this month. Just a fun blog about Santa's Sexy Helper!

Whew! What a HARD time Santa's helper is having this year while trying to bring a special "GIFT" to all good ladies! This poor guy is so-o-o tired, he just had to settle down for a short nap. Lucky thing he found some grass clippings to keep him warm...plus, he's got on his Santa hat!

He worked very hard all year to buff up in time for the holiday season. Santa gave him a list of all the good ladies to visit and deliver his special "GIFT".

Are you on his list? I know he's not done bringing joy and fantasy happiness to all those listed, so maybe he hasn't made it to your door yet. If you've been good, then you know he'll be coming.

Those abs promise lots of hard muscle to run your fingers over. And those arms look strong enough to warm you on a cold night. Now those thighs...and what's hidden under the grass...hint at some mighty powerful action when stirred and focused on your pleasure.

How about a story of a Santa's helper who tries to visit all good ladies in one night? I wonder how many he could share his passion with and still have more to go around to others. Maybe he could take the month of December and get to a few thousand everyday. Surely there are that many being good who deserve his "GIFT"!

Wake up, Santa's helper! It's time to hit the road and bring a smile to the faces of all good ladies everywhere who are waiting for your "GIFT"!

Enjoy! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


 photo: rockshots.com

Monday, December 12, 2016

Win a Print Copy of FIRST COMES DESIRE - Erotic Historical #TinaDonahueBooks #FirstComesDesire #Pirate'sPrizeSeries #EroticHistorical

Enter for your chance to win a print copy of First Comes Desire
Book One in my Pirate's Prize series - erotic historical

Goodreads CONTEST will award TWO winners

Click HERE to enter

Contest runs December 12 through December 31

(US & Canadian Residents)


On a lush, secluded island, one passionate adventure leads to another….

Diana Fletcher means business. The beautiful, innocent, reverend’s daughter has traveled all the way to a tropical island off Madagascar on a mission: To find her brother—and to punish the man who drove him to a life of piracy. But when she comes face to face with the enemy in question, the handsome, powerfully seductive man is not at all what Diana expected…

Tristan Kent never intended to harm Diana’s brother. A man of humble origins, Tristan claims he tried to save him from another ruthless captain. Diana is desperate to believe he is telling the truth…and that the intoxicating desire that escalates between them is true as well. But can she trust him? Or is Tristan’s story—and his heart—nothing more than fool’s gold? Amid the haze of sensual delights and soaring ecstasy Tristan has in store for her, all will be revealed…


Women hadn’t been born to yield. Women could yield. They might even enjoy doing so, but only with the right man. One they desired. First came desire. Respect and love followed.

Diana could only deliver her heart to a man like that.

Even if Tristan wasn’t facing the gallows, he wasn’t the one she needed. His skin was warm against hers but what of it. He was handsome as the devil, yet there was the rub, because he was also brutal, violent, taking what he wanted. His mouth on hers was something she refused to consider, though she could hardly forget how he’d spoken calmly when she’d railed. She insulted and he smiled. He claimed she wanted the same as him. Diana did not. She wanted to be home. She needed to be free.

Her eyes flew open. A sound or voice had awakened her. Reclined on her side, she faced away from the door. An oil lamp had gone out, telling her she’d slept far too long, recklessly too.

Oh my God. Peter.

Diana rolled onto her back but didn’t check his mattress, knowing he wasn’t there or in the cabin.

Tristan was. His long legs, muscular calves, and thighs blocked her view of the door. He’d placed his precious book on the table. The volume was safe. She was not.

Before she could push to a sitting position or think to fight, he straddled her, his hands circling her wrists, holding her arms to each side. His touch didn’t harm, at least not yet.

Her heart pounded.

He offered a smile.

How dare he be so smug. “Release me at once.”

He tightened his grip slightly and studied her mouth, then her eyes. “Violet.” Awe flooded his face. “I wondered about your eye color but never expected this.”

She pushed and writhed but did no good against his strength. Breathless, she stopped. “What have you done with Peter?”

Tristan stared at her eyes. “Amazing color, quite beautiful. Fits your dark hair and pale skin perfectly.”

She rammed her thighs into him.

He held her more firmly. “Stop that.”

“Not until you tell me what you’ve done with my brother.” She slammed into him.

He scooted down and trapped her legs. “Peter’s on the main deck with the other men.”

“He’s a child and proved it by helping you escape.”

“This wasn’t his doing, and you’ve no reason to fear for his safety. I have James, my quartermaster, looking after him.”

“A bloody pirate, you mean. The same as you. Perhaps even worse than you.”

“No. James is a good man.” A haunted look touched Tristan’s features before he shook off whatever had troubled him and became casual. “He saved my life. He’ll take great care to watch your brother.”

She wanted to retort but couldn’t reconcile her indignation with Tristan’s previous anguish and the mean scratches she’d left on his cheek. Dried blood had gone black, the surrounding skin swollen and red. “What do you mean he saved your life?”

“Just that, ask no more for I’ll give you no other answer.”

“The only thing I want from you is my freedom.”

He stroked her wrists. “You want the same as me.”

She pushed against him, straining with the effort.

He tightened his grip, proving she wasn’t a match for his strength. If he chose to take her now, she’d have no choice except to allow him what he willed.

She didn’t beg. Wouldn’t. Not to him or any man, including Bishop. They could conquer her body but not her spirit, never her heart. Reconciled to her fate, she grew limp as she could, pulse racing. “Take what you’ve come for and be quick about it.”

“I shan’t be quick, Diana. With you, I’ll never be quick.”

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True Mated Romance by Francesca Hawley

Do you enjoy books about shapeshifting wolves? I do. I also love writing about them. Finally, all my books are mine again and they I'm making them available to readers.

I created a fictitious town in Colorado that is the home to my shapeshifters.. Whitewolf, Colorado is a community/pack of slightly over 1000 people, however it is the nexus for the Feldspar (witch) family, the Drew Goldwolf and Kincaid Redwolf packs, and the Whitehawk and Goldowl aeries. The Feldspar family is a group of 100-200 interrelated humans who have settled together. The Feldspars are part of a long line of magic users descending from the druids. The wolf packs house mini-towns of approximately 500 each and each of the aeries also numbers approximately 500. The Whitehawks and Goldowls jointly operate a ski resort in the mountains above Whitewolf within the county.  That makes about 3200 individuals living in and around Whitewolf, Colorado. Each of the individual groups operates autonomously, but all participate in life in the town of Whitewolf. All live within the county limits of Whitewolf. All children from the various communities attend Whitewolf schools.

            Whitewolf is located in a mountain valley in the upper foothills of the front range of the Rockies, slightly north of Denver. The valley is surrounded by four distinct foothills or low mountains, one in each direction. Exactly 4 roads lead in and out of the valley and run between each of the mountains which border the valley. The Whitehawk and Goldowl aeries are located on the mount the furthest to the west and at the highest elevation to accommodate the ski resort. The Redwolf clan is on the south mount, the Goldwolf clan on the north mount, and the Feldspar family live on the east mount.

            Whitewolf has become a draw to shapeshifters living in the area because they don’t have to hide who and what they are from people in their community.  The land in and around the valley is owned by the Whitewolf clan. Members of the clan own their own homes and property, but any undeveloped space is held by the pack leader. If anyone sells their property to move out of the area, it has to first be offered to the Whitewolf pack leader for purchase or approval of buyer. No land changes hands in the city limits of Whitewolf without the pack leader’s approval.
The only humans in the area are the Feldspar family who are practicing witches and are fully magical (spell-casting, etc.) Despite its small size the town aspires to be independent so that they don’t need to worry about humans becoming frightened of them. 
Town structure

Mayor/City Administrator (Pack leader) – Yohana Whitewolf (formerly her sire, Jeremiah)
The City Council is made up of four city folk and one representative of each of the neighboring groups for a total of 8. The council can recommend, but may not override a mayoral veto, since the mayor is the Whitewolf pack leader. The Mayor has the full power of both the position of Mayor and that of City Administrator. County business is handled by City Council as the county is small and is the area of the valley, the four mounts and about five miles in each direction.

Protect and Defend

Mikaela Laughlin discovers a whole new world, and an entirely new species, when she tours the crime lab to meet Lieutenant Diarmid Redwolf while researching her next book. She’s lusted after “Delicious Diarmid” from afar for a long time, but meeting him sets her body on fire. It doesn’t take long for Mikaela to discover there’s more to Diarmid than meets the eye.

Diarmid has bad guys to catch, but meeting the voluptuous author has him wanting to catch her instead. His shapeshifter blood recognizes his True Mate and he wants her in his arms. Now. But with a cold-blooded serial killer on the loose, Diarmid has one shot at his future and he will not fail. Because this time, the killer wants Mikaela.

Previously Published

Available for preorder now:
BUY: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo 

Leader of the Pack

Surgeon Dr. Per Goldwolf needs a mate to make partner in a prestigious practice. Predator-Match.com—a matchmaking service for shapeshifters—not only finds him a mate, they match him with his True Mate. Yohana’s long legs and intoxicating scent makes him hunger for her.

New packleader Yohana Whitewolf’s life goal is to follow in her sire’s pawprints and lead her pack. Leadership demands sacrifices. To calm her people, Yohana needs a mate. But finding an Alpha male who won’t take over is a tall order. Yohana doesn’t want the complication of a True Mate, but Per is a sexy, intelligent Alpha male and she wants to shred his clothes every time she touches him.

Everything should be perfect—except she’s a packleader, and the Whitewolf pack is nervous.

Note: This book was previously published elsewhere but has been revised and updated.

 BUY: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Rockin Little Christmas

When her parents’ rock band The Pack performs at Zach’s bar, Mandy discovers her True Mate, Joe Blackwolf, the band’s lead singer and guitarist. All she has to do now is convince Joe that she told a little white lie to make her mom happy, her father that rock musicians aren’t all alike, and her new mate’s family that rockers aren’t all that different from classical musicians.

Joe Blackwolf is celebrating his fortieth birthday. And what he wishes for when he blows out the candles is to find his True Mate. He succeeds when he meets Mandy Goldwolf. Problem is…he thinks she belongs to someone else. Finding out the truth leaves him free to explore every inch of her smokin’ hot curves, but now Joe and Mandy are neck deep in overbearing relatives and everyone is in for a Rockin’ Little Christmas.

Note: This book was previously published elsewhere but has been revised and updated.
Formerly titled: Cupid Rocks.

BUY: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo 

Alpha Vs Alpha

Alpha female Serena Goldwolf has spent a lifetime vowing never to be a submissive mate to any Alpha male. But all it takes is one surprisingly sexual meeting with Damien Blackwolf, a dissatisfied client of her shapeshifter dating site Predator-Match.com, and she is aching to be owned by the hottest male on two legs—or four.

Damien Blackwolf doesn’t understand why the voluptuous Serena won’t admit they’re True Mates. To convince her, he decides to bring out her desires by dragging her to someplace private to get to know her…intimately. But how can he convince her of their destiny when she refuses to acknowledge their connection and runs away from him?
In a passionate battle of wills, there most definitely can be two winners.

Note:  This book was previously published elsewhere but has been revised and updated.

BUY: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

Buy Me A Rose ~ Francesca Hawley
Jessica and Nathaniel Whitewolf celebrate their thirtieth anniversary as True Mates but they’ve lost their bond. Now a hot couples’ retreat will get it back.

Purchase Naughty Hearts E-Book
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No Gentleman ~ Francesca Hawley
Librarian Abby Kelly comes west finding a roguish shapeshifter who desires her. Will Goldwolf is no gentleman, but Abby discovers he’s just what she wants.

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Finding Happiness

It was Georgette Heyer who addicted me to Regency romance, and my first Regency-set romance was dedicated to her. But I have also always been fascinated by the strong women of history. In a time when women had almost no rights at all, every now and then a woman overcame every obstacle to guide her people.
One of those was Queen Elizabeth I of England to whom my latest Regency-set erotic lesbian romance, has been dedicated:
In memory of Queen Elizabeth I of England—a woman who refused to let her gender stand in the way of achieving her hopes and ambitions, and who ruled her country better than any man of her time could have done.

Other women who come to mind are:
Marie Curie, Queen Victoria, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Mother Theresa, Eleanor of Aquitane, Aspasia of Miletus, Boadicea, Catherine the Great, Sappho, Florence Nightingale, and in our own day, Aung San Suu Kyi. Of course, you will all have your own lists.

All my lesbian erotic romances are based on the idea of women overcoming difficulties to achieve their happy endings. “Fist Me” is a lesbian story in the “Naughty Flames” anthology. It’s a little bit different in that Taryn has just left a romance with a man who everyone told her was perfect. But he wasn’t perfect for her. Her best friend Maeve, on the other hand…

I just said I’ve been endlessly fascinated about how women in the past managed to find a way around the restrictions and rules under which they were obliged to live, and found happiness.
And then, as writers tend to do, I asked myself, “What If?”
What if women were treasured? What if women were considered special, and loved? What if the society’s culture taught men that a woman was a treasured possession, a person to be cherished, loved, and protected?

I began researching other cultures and found out about several countries where all the brothers share a wife. Each of them is trained to be by her side to support and help her always.

So, I created a world where people following this ancient tradition had been forced into hiding. Where they built their homes underground, living apart from the mainstream world to avoid persecution for their cultural beliefs.
The “Possessive Passions” series takes some of these ancient cultural traditions from countries that practice (or practiced in the past) polyandry. (http://www.bookstrand.com/series/3109 )

Reading erotic romance is a woman’s fantasy. And what better fantasy than to read about a world where women no longer have to struggle to be everything to everyone? Today’s women are expected to work a paid job, rear the kids, keep the apartment clean and tidy, exercise and stay fit and slim, help and support their aging parents, and still have enough energy left at the end of the day to cook a scrumptious meal, and romance the man in their life. Many women exhaust themselves trying to fulfill these kinds of unrealistic expectations. What better way to relax than to immerse oneself in a world where two (or even three) men worship their woman, offering endless love and support in a community designed for this lifestyle?

I loved building this world and meeting the people in it. I was sad when I finished writing the series. I’d like to live there myself!

So I wrote a novella about three people who fall into a ménage relationship. All because of a fire drill at their office building. “Set Me on Fire” is also part of the “Naughty Flames” boxed set.

"Naughty Flames" buy links:
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MDSR9KC?ref_=pe_2427780_160035660
ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-naughtyflameselevenfieryromances-2181580-149.html
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Sabrina_York_Naughty_Flames?id=xxagDQAAQBAJ
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/naughty-flames
Paperback: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/naughty-flames-sabrina-york/1125065380?ean=9781539739975
Nook Press: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/naughty-flames-sabrina-york/1125265544?ean=2940156765065

Berengaria Brown

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

It’s my favorite time of year – holiday season, especially December. I celebrate Christmas as both a religious and a secular holiday, though I know not everyone does both and some do neither. Whatever your beliefs, I think it’s healthy to have a specific time of year devoted to celebrating life and our relationships with each other.

Christmas inspires me and I’ve written several Christmas stories, including a few that were first published by Ellora’s Cave, and are now unavailable. Rights to those stories have reverted to me and I plan to re-release all of them. The re-releases are taking time because I’m essentially rewriting everything.

But two of my Christmas stories have just hit the market, one a re-release and one brand new.

Secret Santa Sir, the sixth and currently final story in my Suburban Dominants series released on December 5th. I had a blast writing this story, since it involved a different take on the idea of Secret Santa gift exchanges, plus a fun take-off on a popular Christmas song. A BDSM Christmas story just has all sorts of possibilities. This line from the book gives you the flavor of it:

On the first day of Christmas, my Master gave to me: an adventure for the holidays.”

And I have a story in the Naughty Literati's winter anthology, NaughtyFlames, which released on December 1st. It’s another of my Christmas gargoyle stories.  Sometime in the near future I plan to put together a book with all of them. There are currently three: a novella that was released by EC a few years ago but is currently unavailable, this story, and the one that appeared in last year’s NL winter anthology, Naughty Chances. In the meantime, though, I hope you’ll enjoy Her Gargoyle Guardian in the NaughtyFlames anthology, along with all the other excellent stories it includes

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kindle Fire Winner

Congratulations to Trinity R  from Seattle on winning the Kindle Fire loaded with books by the Naughty Literati authors. Our sincere thanks to all who entered and help us celebrate the release of Naughty Haunts: Eleven Spooky Love Stories.

Happy reading!

NAUGHTY FLAMES - Available Now!

Naughty Flames
Eleven Fiery Romances
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Including Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, M/F/M, M/M, M/M/F, New Adult, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Rubenesque, Shape-shifter, Stepbrother Romance & Threesome from bestselling authors.

Saving Sophia ~ Suz deMello
“It doesn’t matter” is cynical Sophie Fortune’s motto. Then her best friend is killed and Sophie herself is targeted. Can her bodyguard show her the way to love, self-respect and safety?

My Wish Come True ~ Tina Donahue
Baby, it’s hot inside…
For Laurel, Christmas so sucks. She’s out of a job, money, and luck until her neighbor Scott plays Santa. This tall, dark, and sexy hunk delivers sweet decadence and holiday magic that makes being bad oh-so good.

Royal Brat ~ Nicole Austin
Loving two men, my stepbrothers, got me exiled to a foreign country. Without them I’m lost and alone, cast adrift on turbulent seas without a compass or rudder. In order to finally be together we’ll have to navigate a course through the landmine infested waters of my traumatic past.

Disputed Boundaries (Stories from the San Juan Islands) ~ Regina Kammer
Garrison life along the disputed Canadian-U.S. border is so uneventful Royal Marine Braxton Thorne mostly just fools around with his fiancée Tilda. But when American adventurer Gideon Roberts provokes unexpected desires, Braxton finds himself in a war over the boundaries of his heart.

Chasing Flavorgasms ~ Francesca Hawley
When food blogger, Taylor Simmons writes a scathing review of his restaurant, John “Doc” Holliday challenges her to return so he can give her the flavorgasm she’s been chasing her entire life.

Set Me On Fire ~ Berengaria Brown
Blair, Alex and Kurt meet in the stairwell of their office building during a fire drill. The building may not be burning, but they are, for each other.

Her Gargoyle Guardian ~ Katherine Kingston
Ginny decides to pursue a relationship with Ben despite the risks to her heart. She can cope with his claim that he’s a shape-shifting gargoyle, but his warning that they will have pnly a short time together, gives her pause.

The WyndVyper’s Promise ~ the final posthumous work of Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Bonus Material:
Fist Me ~ Berengaria Brown
Maeve nearly fell off her barstool when sexy Taryn asked her to fist her. But is it the right thing to do?

Pleasure Quest ~ Tina Donahue
She’s into virtue. He’s not. On a pleasure asteroid, he’ll show her what paradise really is.

Her Royal Comeuppance ~ Sabrina York
Furious at the betrayal of her once-loyal woodsman, Queen Cressida intends to make him pay. But Nicholas turns the tables, determined to thaw Her Royal Majesty with the heat of a passion she cannot resist.