Wednesday, December 14, 2016

This Santa's Helper Could be Making a Stop at Your Home!! by Marianne Stephens

Nothing serious this month. Just a fun blog about Santa's Sexy Helper!

Whew! What a HARD time Santa's helper is having this year while trying to bring a special "GIFT" to all good ladies! This poor guy is so-o-o tired, he just had to settle down for a short nap. Lucky thing he found some grass clippings to keep him, he's got on his Santa hat!

He worked very hard all year to buff up in time for the holiday season. Santa gave him a list of all the good ladies to visit and deliver his special "GIFT".

Are you on his list? I know he's not done bringing joy and fantasy happiness to all those listed, so maybe he hasn't made it to your door yet. If you've been good, then you know he'll be coming.

Those abs promise lots of hard muscle to run your fingers over. And those arms look strong enough to warm you on a cold night. Now those thighs...and what's hidden under the grass...hint at some mighty powerful action when stirred and focused on your pleasure.

How about a story of a Santa's helper who tries to visit all good ladies in one night? I wonder how many he could share his passion with and still have more to go around to others. Maybe he could take the month of December and get to a few thousand everyday. Surely there are that many being good who deserve his "GIFT"!

Wake up, Santa's helper! It's time to hit the road and bring a smile to the faces of all good ladies everywhere who are waiting for your "GIFT"!

Enjoy! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!



  1. Wow, wish he'd drop by my front door soon.

    Have to wonder how much that grass itched for the poor guy. :)

  2. Haven't seen him yet... Must not have been good! *wink*

  3. I'll be sure to keep him warm if he shows up. LOL