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Wicked Whispers - erotic historical - on sale for 99¢ #TinaDonahue #WickedWhispers #EroticHistorical #DangerousDesiresSeries #99¢

Wicked Whispers, book two of my erotic historical series Dangerous Desires, is on sale for 99¢ until July 31.

Dangerous Desires is set in medieval Spain 1488 and stars warrior knights who simply cannot tame the women they love.



Praise for Wicked Whispers


First I have to comment on the cover. It is absolutely gorgeous. This was an absolutely great read. It is the second in a series, but I didn't feel lost at all while reading it, which is good. However this story is so much a continuation of the first book that it would probably be a good idea to read Loving Lies, so that you could fully get to know all the characters. (Again, it isn't necessary, but I think that reading the first book might have made the book a bit more enjoyable for me)

This book is a wonderful mixture of history and sexy romance. I loved Enrique and how he wooed Sancha. If you are looking for something different in your historical romance this is a great book to start with. 



This story was really delightful, edgy and had me turning the pages of my Kindle faster than I ever expected. This is a story of a fiery romance set with danger and excitement twisted within the plot. 

At first, as I began to read "Wicked Whispers," I wasn't sure what to expect. It begins with the knowledge that a wealthy nobleman "Enrique" is in love with a girl named "Sancha" and has been for quite some time. In whatever "passions" that were never met to Enrique - given his line to Isabella 

"It would appear your sister has never shared my passion,"

Sancha is not interested in marriage - belonging to a man in any way and staying independent to pursue her life's work as a healer. (Which is already tricky for the time era this novel takes place in.) Avoiding one marriage proposal already, (To Enrique's brother, Fernando), Sancha's sister Isabella takes it upon herself for her family and sister to go forward with the arrangement. (And kinda tricks Fernando too!) 

As the story unfolds, Sancha takes "refuge" in Enrique's home after having already hid away in his brother's castle. It is there the story between Sancha and Enrique and their passionate desire for one another soon begins to unravel. 

Rumors begin of Sancha being a witch and Enrique does everything he can to protect the woman he has loved for so long. 

I was really impressed by the fantastic character development and the immersive world that Tina created for all of the readers. (And you can't forget about the steamy scenes!) 

You will come to love this novel! (And don't worry, I hadn't even known there had been a book before this! This novel really works as a stand alone romance!)


Granted life is busy and we all have a lot to do. Personally, I’m in grad school and have endless piles of thought-provoking, densely written textbooks to go through. So what better way to scape my overwhelming homework than reading, right? LOL But that’s exactly what I do! I take a break from reading by reading some more. It’s always been like this. I tend to balance out ‘heavy’ – those that require a lot of higher order thinking skills –  texts with ‘lighter’ ones. You know, the books one chooses just for the fun of it.
When I picked Wicked Whispers up, I thought it would fall into the latter category. I mean, it’s the end of quarter and I have tons of deadlines to comply with. I just needed an easy read to unwind with for a couple of hours. Well, did I pick the wrong book! Wicked Whispers sucked me in from the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down. However, the setting and plot grabbed my imagination in quite an unexpected way. Plus, the topics the book deals with made me pause to reflect on that time period and the many hardships people in general faced back then. I’m a History buff and a feminist so the Inquisition is one of my favorite periods of time; but I hadn’t read anything interesting about it for the longest time so it was a refreshing change.
And have I mentioned the story is HOT and STEAMY? It is and then some. As an avid reader of erotica and an author of erotic books, there’s very little that can still impress me. Tina Donahue’s writing did that! Her style is elegant and appropriate for a historical fiction while keeping the heat on, if you get my meaning. LOL She fleshes out her characters effortlessly and the story flows seamlessly. The main characters – Sancha and Enrique – are multi-faceted, complex, real, and believable. The supporting characters are just as great. What else do you want in a good book, right? Finally, Wicked Whispers is part of a series; however, it’s a stand-alone story. No huge cliffhangers here! Just the way I like it!
I recommend this book to those who like to read well-researched, beautifully- written historical fiction; to those who enjoy a complex erotica story about independent woman and the men who help them keep their freedom.


An awesome and unique historical romance!

I REALLY enjoyed reading this story. While I felt at a disadvantage in the beginning because of all of the references to the previous book, which I had not read, Tina did a wonderful job of explaining the pertinent information and filling in the gaps.

Enrique is absolutely adorable (in a sexy "I know exactly who I want and I want you" kind of way). His devotion to Sancha was so endearing, even while he struggled at times to justify the deeds she did with the social mores of the time.

I admired Sancha and her dedication to her perceived duty of helping others. Again, I think I would have learned much more about her from the first book, which I have on my wish list and will be purchasing shortly :)

All in all, this was a wonderful historical romance and I absolutely LOVE Tina's work!!!


Follow the heart through darkness…

As the Inquisition gains force, even the faintest rumor can brand one a heretic. In this world it is Sancha's gift--or curse--to be blessed with the gift of healing. But the villagers are in need of her arts more than ever, and she feels it is her duty to help them at the risk of losing her life. And at the sacrifice of her heart…

Enrique has never wanted a woman as he does Sancha. Determined to have her love, he woos her with exquisite passion, giving her refuge to pursue her healing in secret. But their very desire and escape from the ruthless forces of the world may be their undoing. And together, they must pit themselves against a jealous rival and archaic tradition to secure their place in a hopeful new dawn…


He looked at her. “Never have I met women like you.”
She inclined her head slightly to concede his point. “Now you understand why I said you must find another more in accord with your needs.”
“I want no one but you.”
He’d cupped her face, his thumb skimming her bottom lip. Her mouth tingled. Her breath spilled out on a wanting sigh at the tenderness and desire in his expression.
He reined in his gelding and lowered his mouth to hers.
She couldn’t fight him. Didn’t want to. The night was perfect for love, their attraction too intense, his kiss soft and searching at first then filled with raw male need, his tongue slipping into her mouth.
Sancha sagged against him, suckling his tongue as though she’d been born for the task, loving his clean flavor, his strong caress.
With the reins in one hand, he eased his other beneath her shirt, fingertips grazing her skin, hand cupping her naked breast.
She should have pulled away, told him to stop. Trembling with unbearable need, she opened her mouth even more to his tongue, inviting him to invade her deeply, intoxicated by his scent and strength.
Emboldened by her willing surrender, he dragged his thumb over her nipple, making the tip even harder. She ached for him in a way she couldn’t deny. All her life others had told her how sinful lust was. For her to avoid it at all cost. A woman’s purity was worth more than love. Passion could fade in a moment. Chastity alone proved a female’s honor the same as valor did with a man.
She’d never doubted those truths, having rarely thought of them until now.
Within Enrique’s embrace, she was complete for the first time, even though they had no future. Somehow, this moment and a few others seemed enough. On some level, she knew her sentiments were wrong. A better woman would fight for what was right, denying herself and him.
She gripped Enrique’s thigh, not wanting him to stop. Her touch seemed to excite him even more. He tore his mouth free and lifted her shirt, exposing her breasts to the ebbing moon and night air. The cool breeze skipped lightly against her feverish skin. His mouth was hot and damp on her throat.

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Kindle Fire Winner

Congratulations to Pat S. from Lakewood Fl. on winning the Kindle Fire loaded with books by the Naughty Literati authors. Our sincere thanks to all who entered and help us celebrate the release of Naughty Heatwave: Turn Up The Heat.

Happy reading!

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Writing Short Stories Is My Goal Now! by Marianne Stephens

Maybe it's old age, but now I find I don't have the time nor patience to write more than 10,000 words for a story. My goal is to write short stories, and to publish them with other authors in boxed sets.

Naughty Literati has lots of sets available...and I'm in some but not all. Our latest release, Naughty Heatwave, is available now!

Also, releasing on 15 June, is Wickedly Wanton, a boxed set by Sensuous Romances. My story in this set is DANCE FOR ME.
On a dare, Carla enters a stripper amateur night contest. Fellow professor Nate catches her practicing in her office. Always intrigued by her, Nate asks to watch again and their mutual attraction leads to a lusty affair. Her secret’s out, but she won’t know his until the amateur contest night.

My stories are sensual to scorching...and contemporary. For more information, visit:

WW has already made it to ARe's Best Seller list!


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Excerpt From THE MAGEWYND'S CAULDRON by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Part of the NAUGHTY HEATWAVE boxed-set, available now.

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Confined to quarters in a windowless room without air conditioning, Fin O'Kelly thinks he's dropped into hell. When the lovely electrical tech comes to his door to fix the problem, Finn finds out what heat really is!

Speculative Fiction, paranormal romance

*This is a posthumous work*

Copyright © Charlotte Boyett-Compo, 2016

Chapter One

Finn O’Kelly stepped out of his jeans, crammed them into a tight ball then threw them with a hiss across the cabin. Sweat dripping down his temples, running into his eyes, he stomped over to the sink and turned the cold water on full blast. Leaning down, he stuck his head under the rush to gain a momentary respite from the cloying, sweltering heat. That helped but he couldn’t stand there all night long.

“Two days,” he grumbled. “Two damn days! How long does it take to send a repairman to fix a fucking air conditioning unit?”

Straightening, he raked his fingers through his wet hair to push it from his face. Droplets cascaded down his back but didn’t go far before the water warmed from his high body heat. It crawling down the crack of his ass pissed him off even more than he already was.

“Argh!” His loud, infuriated yowl alerted his computer and the vid-com on the wall blinked to life.

“Is there anything I can do for you, Major?” the soft, southern Serenian voice inquired.

“Find out where the hell that repairman is!”

“I will check, sir.”

“Do more than check, Stacey! Get him here!”

There was a touch of pique in the computer voice when it answered. “Aye, sir.”

Tugging on his hair, he marched over to the sofa and plopped down.

Which was a mistake.

The overheated leather immediately adhered to his body like a second skin.


He peeled himself off the sofa and stood in the middle of the room with his hands on his hips, head bowed in surrender to the ungodly heat. Everywhere he turned it reached out to lay its fiery hands on him.

“Major?” the computer queried.

He was so frustrated all he could do was whisper. “Aye.”

“There are two more cabins on the worksheet before yours. Maintenance says it will be another two to four hours before the repairman can get to you.”

“Fucking great,” he snapped and the vid-com screen went black.

Grinding his teeth to keep from exploding, Finn wanted to beat his head against the titanium walls. At least if he was unconscious, he wouldn’t feel the suffocating heat.

It didn’t help that he had been confined to quarters before the air conditioning system went down. There were two armed guards at his door to make sure he didn’t leave. When the cool air stopped, he thought at first it was an addendum added to his enforced sentence—an unjust punishment he sure as hell didn’t deserve.

“Levels nine, ten and eleven are offline, Major,” Stacey had told him. “All three super compressors blew at the same time.”

“Was it a terrorist attack?”

“That does not appear to be the case. Apparently old equipment that should have been replaced long before now is the cause. One compressor blew then shorted out the other two before maintenance could shut down the grid. The regulators in every room on those levels were fried, as well, and will need to be replaced or rewired.”

One hundred rooms per level plus assorted offices and other essential accommodations would prove to be a helluva nightmare for the twenty-man maintenance staff. As it was, the Commandant had sent off-station for additional maintenance workers capable of replacing the antiquated equipment—equipment that had to be flown in from off-world.

Stretching out naked on the floor, he flung an arm over his eyes. The composite material beneath him was somewhat cooler than the air around him and he’d take whatever he could get. He’d already used up the quotient of shower water for the week so that was out of the question. There was ice in the fridge unit but he used it sparingly. He wouldn’t put it past General Frasier to cut off his supply of that meager relief as well.

Consider yourself lucky I don’t send you to Helios-Twelve instead of confining you to quarters, Frasier had told him smugly. There are prisoners on Hell-Twelve who would gladly exchange places with you, O’Kelly.

Frasier had made it abundantly clear to him that he was being lenient by merely locking him in his quarters. That things could certainly have gone really bad for him. He could have sent him to the brig—and he wished the bastard had sent him there. The brig was on level four of the space station and those lucky bastards had air conditioning.

“Another day of this torture and I just might go berserk and attack those fucking guards to get my ass sent to the brig,” he mumbled as sweat rolled down his chest to pool in his belly button.

Of course Frasier was just Diabolusian warthog mean enough to nix that idea and keep him inside the sweat lodge long after everyone else’s AC had been restored.

He thought of what had put him in this fiery inferno and knew he deserved every ounce of sweat he was oozing.

“Too much Chrystallusian plum wine and hitting on the wrong woman,” he said on a long sigh. “How the hell was I supposed to know it was Frasier’s daughter?”

Public intoxication and conduct unbecoming of an officer were bad enough but then he’d managed to tack on hitting a security policeman, resisting arrest and perpetrated about three thousand credits’ worth of destruction of government property.

“Oh, yeah. I hit the quinfecta this time,” he admitted.

Yep. He should have been carted off to the brig. Better yet: he should have kept his eyes and hands and mouth and well—other parts of him—away from the blond bombshell with the violet eyes who had sworn she could drink him under the table.

She was right; she could.

But that wasn’t all they’d done under the table.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” he labeled himself.

It had taken him a full day to get over the hangover, but four days later, he still had the shiner from hell and a chipped tooth that was starting to trouble him.

Dropping his arm behind his head, he stared up at the ceiling. It was so hot in the room he could see heat devils shimmering around the overhead light. His mouth was bone dry even if his body was slippery wet with sweat.

“Where the hell is that technician, Stacey?” he yelled.

The vid-com came on again.

“Your quarters will be next, Major,” the computer informed him. “I would recommend you practice patience. Conserve your strength.”

He grabbed his crotch in frustration. “Conserve this, you prissy network of wires.”

The vid-com pulsed brightly then returned to darkness.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

He really wasn’t but it was best to keep on the good side of the A.I. that was both his watchdog and confidante.

Rolling over to a cooler spot, he winced as the sweat on his chest pressed against the slick floor but he laid his cheek to the composite material and closed his eyes. He was on the verge of dozing off when the chime sounded at his door. Popping his head up like a turtle, he swiveled it around.


Even as the word left his mouth a part of him suggested he get dressed before the technician came in, but he pushed the recommendation away. He didn’t have anything the tech didn’t have and hadn’t seen a million times before.

That was what crossed his mind as the door opened and he sat up to the sight of a diminutive woman in a short-sleeved dark green jumpsuit standing in the opening.

“What the hell?” he barked, slamming his hands over his junk.

“I’m Maze. I’m here to fix your regulator,” the woman told him without as much as a blink of her big brown eyes. She was chewing gum—at least he hoped that was what it was and not a plug of tobacco—as she stood there looking at him.

She was absolutely stunning with her dark brown hair cut in a tousled pixie style. She might have hit the five feet mark but he bet she weighed no more than a hundred pounds. Those large brown eyes didn’t seem to miss anything and when they dipped to his cupped hands, her wide smile was slow and filled with humor. She popped her gum—yes, he saw the pink color lurking behind that saucy grin—then winked.

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Excerpt From WEAPON OF CHOICE by Katherine Kingston

Part of the NAUGHTY HEATWAVE boxed-set, available now.

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Selvya's gift for controlling fire made her a weapon in the hands of unscrupulous men. The king's commander offers a chance for revenge and redemption, but it's a risk she's not sure she can take.

Fantasy, Fire, romance, duke, king

Copyright © Katherine Kingston, 2016

Selvya sat cross-legged on the bare stone floor, hands extended, struggling to control the tiny flame that danced on her palm. Such a small flicker and yet so hard to get it to move. Once she’d managed huge conflagrations and even directed an enormous forest fire. Now she could barely make this little wisp shift. For the last twenty minutes she’d bent her will on it and only produced a few wiggles.

She channeled all her energy into it, letting the heat and crackle of the flame resonate in her brain. Up another inch, she directed. The flame didn’t exactly resist. It began to stretch itself out, climbing upward a little. But she couldn’t generate the mental force to fuel its growth more than half an inch. Her hands trembled with the effort and exhaustion threatened the little control she had. With a deep sigh, she shook her fingers and dismissed the flame.

“That was better than yesterday.”

She yelped and spun around on her rear. Jorden Corsos, Duke of Cartallia, sat on one of the two hard iron chairs in the room. She hadn’t heard him enter, though given how hard she’d been concentrating, it didn’t surprise her.

“How long have you been there?”

Her knees locked when she tried to stand. He extended a hand to help her up and again she experienced that odd, frightening, humming sensation when their palms met.

“Ten minutes or so.” He made no reference to whatever passed between them, and his expression didn’t change when he released her. “You’ve made some progress. Yesterday there was nothing.”

“I barely managed this. So tiny and it still took so much effort to control it.”

“It’s coming to you.” He stood up and went to the door, spoke a few words to someone there, then returned. “Can we go somewhere more comfortable?  I’ve ordered a tea tray.”

She stared at him, bemused for a moment. “Of course.” What was he doing here? Checking up on her? Was he unhappy with her lack of progress? And why did her heart do a strange little flip-flop in her chest? She led the way to the next room, which served as a parlor. Padded chairs, a woven rug, a few tables, and shelves holding a variety of books made this a more relaxing space. He waited until she settled in one of the armchairs before he sat.

“Are you comfortable here?” He waved an arm around the room, encompassing this one and the other three rooms that made up the tower suite. “You’ve asked for very little.”

“And you’ve given me much more. The clothes alone…”

He smiled broadly. “Worth every pence. I still find it hard to believe you’re the same woman as the dirty, skinny, bedraggled creature I first met.”

“Fresh from the dungeon.”

“Even so. I’d never have guessed there was so much grace and beauty under all the grime.”

“You flatter, my lord.”

“Not a bit. The transformation is stunning.” He looked around. “You have all that you need?”

“At the moment, yes.”

“You’ve been able to call a bit of fire, I see, so your ability wasn’t completely burned out.”

She sighed. “Not all of it anyway. But what I can do is so limited now.”

He settled back in the chair. “Why is that, do you think?” He sounded curious but not worried. Because he didn’t want to seem to pressure her into too much effort too fast?

“I don’t know. I may have just used up every last bit of reserve I had when I did the fire for the young baron, and it will take time to restore it. Or perhaps creating that fire burned up whatever channels in my mind let me call and control the flame.”

“If that were true, you shouldn’t be able to create even the small spark you did earlier. Possibly what happened when you called that last flame was so horrible your mind rebelled and is blocking your attempts to do it again.”

She stared at him for a moment. From their first interactions, she’d known he was intelligent as well as handsome and high-born, but the depth of his understanding astonished her. “Yes, it’s possible.”

“It’s also possible that you’re now trying too hard. You’ve done nothing the last few days but work with the flame. You need to relax more.”

“You’ve had people spying on me?” Of course he did, silly. He’s invested a lot in you.

“The servers who bring your meals report back to me. You were already at work with the flame when they delivered the last two morning meals and still doing it at the evening meals.”

“You want the weapon I represent, and I want to have this war done with.”

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Excerpt From HOT BUNS by Marianne Stephens

Part of the NAUGHTY HEATWAVE boxed-set, available now.

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Angela offers to pay Vinnie to use his bakery ovens until hers are delivered. For financial reasons, he agrees. Being near her threatens his determination never to forgive her betrayal. When the truth surfaces, both must share the blame. Can smoldering love between them flame into passion once again?

Contemporary Romance, sensual male, naughty bakery, second chance at love

Copyright © Marianne Stephens, 2016

“Tell me about Sinfully Sweet Bakery and Catering. Isabelle doesn’t know everything, I guess.”

Angela relaxed whenever talking about her company and her career dream. Vinnie had known about it. Part of their future plans together had included a bakery and catering service, except it would have been both of theirs, not just hers.

“Long story short, I finished college and culinary school, worked in Mom’s bakery while starting my own catering service. When my sister, Lydia, opened her lingerie store, it seemed like a good idea to move my business there.” She opened her purse, pulled out a brochure, and handed it to him. “My product list. Not exactly what your normal Italian bakery has. Or what the usual catering business offers.”

Vinnie scanned the pamphlet. “I looked online and saw this. Unique idea and it must be lucrative.”

“I offer things like ‘bikini cakes’ and other sexy cookies and hors d’oeuvres. People jump at the idea of something naughty and different.” She checked the timers and then leaned back in her chair. “I cater lots of bachelor/bachelorette parties. But also birthdays and whatever events people celebrate. If they call and I have openings, we cater. Or people come and pick up what they want for private parties.”

Vinnie looked around the room. “We were on track for all this.” He stared deeply into her eyes. “We could have been together.” He sighed. “I still remember our dreams and goals.”

One timer rang, and Angela jumped. She moved from the table to check the cookie oven. She, too, remembered everything they’d shared, but so much time had gone by. Business. Concentrate on that. “We need to get these trays out to cool and do the next batch.”

Their discussion ended, she enjoyed his help in removing cookies and starting the next round.

Vinnie wore his jeans again, this time with a pristine white T-shirt. If she hugged him, would they fall into a passionate frenzy, just enough to satisfy her desire for him but allowing heartache to stay at a distance?

Once the cookie timer had been reset, she checked her cakes. Fifteen minutes until they’d be done. Without looking at Vinnie, she walked into the hallway. “Be right back,” she said, and headed for the bathroom.

After switching on the light, she checked the surroundings. It had been remodeled from top to bottom. New floor, beautiful full counter with sink, light-blue paint. The tub was gone, and heat raced up her cheeks as she remembered how she and Vinnie had sometimes shared a lusty water encounter in the old, claw-foot tub. A small enclosed shower now took its place.

Angela stared into the mirror. She needed to cool down, both from the heat of the ovens and the overwhelming desire to touch the man she still loved. Damn him. Why couldn’t she forget him and the heartache she’d suffered? She splashed cold water on her face and grabbed a towel. While drying, she inhaled and relished the aroma of Vinnie’s scent that clung to the towel fibers.

God help her, but she wanted him. Business deal, heartache, or not. Not touching him or having him touch her for their week together wouldn’t work. She didn’t want it to. Being in his arms again and making love would be heavenly and satisfy every craving in her body.

But, would he want her? If she read his body language right, he did. That hug they shared aroused every fiber in her body. Had he felt the same?

She walked back into the main room. Vinnie was staring at her trays of cookies.

“I know what these will be,” he said as he pointed to the penis sugar cookies. “Use a model or your imagination?” he asked as he moved his hand as if to grab a cookie.

Angela reached over and caught his arm. “No tasting. And, no model. Why? Don’t they seem realistic to you? Are you offering to model for me?” she teased.

He laughed. “Trying to get my clothes off and take advantage of me?” He narrowed his eyes. “Hmm. Will you pay extra if I do?”

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Excerpt From THE AGREEMENT by Francesca Hawley

Part of the NAUGHTY HEATWAVE boxed-set, available now.

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Can the arranged marriage between Lord Thanos and Lady Zayna move in a new direction or will they remain perpetually at war?

BBW romance, fantasy romance

Copyright © Francesca Hawley, 2016

Chapter One

He moved to the mirror with the grace of one of the gods and stood in front of it, beautifully nude. His long black hair hung wet from his bath, combed back. His perfectly tanned muscles drew her eyes and she dampened with hunger for him. Glancing at her, he bent and spread lather over his face. He took up his razor and began to shave while she sat up on one elbow.

Despite her desire, she gave no sign of her thoughts when she said, “Good morning, dear.”

Zayna knew her perky tone annoyed him, as it drew only a grunt from her husband so she hid her smile knowing he wasn’t a morning person. He’d tried to wake her this morning so they could couple again after a marathon session the night before.

She’d woken to his touch, but as she was turned on her side facing away from him, he didn’t know it. Despite her feigned sleep, she’d responded to his fingers as they played with her to ready her for him. Then she’d opened for his thick cock when Thanos slid inside her, thrusting deeply until he climaxed but she had no complaints for she had climaxed, too. She usually did when they had sex, but she always hid her response as much as she could. Her body shuddered—she couldn’t prevent it—but she stayed silent. Never making sounds of pleasure or begging for his touch.

To keep him coming back to her bed, she played with his ego. When he asked her if she climaxed, she would look at him with an expression that said, if you want me to, I’ll say yes but she said, “It was very nice, dear.” He never knew if she meant it.

It would be fatal for her plans if he knew she enjoyed it when they fucked. Fuck was the right word. They didn’t make love. Sometimes she wished for tenderness from her husband, but he didn’t seem to be a tender man and their marital agreement was so dry, feelings of love seemed contrary. Or so she had convinced herself. Still, taking Thanos pleased her.

She turned her gaze back to him only to find him watching her via the mirror. She blinked and forced a bland expression onto her face. He gave her a faint smile, seemingly glad to catch her watching him. But how could she not? Every move he made caused his muscles to flex under his golden skin. Oh how she longed to run her hands over him, but she was caught in a trap of her own making. Touching him showed her desire, so she remained passive beneath him.

It always came back to that damn agreement. Their marital agreement permitted him to fuck whomever he wished, and she’d signed her name to it. To her knowledge, he had taken several women on the holding as leman in the six months they had been married. The beddings had been brief, thank the Goddess.

She couldn’t complain, though she wanted to…loud and often. But she didn’t. It was as well that she didn’t love him, ignoring the twinge in her chest as she tried to convince herself she didn’t care.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Excerpt From ONE KINKY WEEKEND by Berengaria Brown

Part of the NAUGHTY HEATWAVE boxed-set, available now.

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Purchase the Print Book:

Logan and Zara’s sex life is dead boring, so they ask another couple to join them for a very dirty weekend of naughty sex.

Menage, Lesbian Romance, two couples, voyeurism, wife swapping

Copyright © Berengaria Brown, 2016

“I was thinking about brightening up our sex life.”

His big body went still against hers and she could feel his muscles tensing up.


“You meant it when you said we could try out some new things, didn’t you?”


His voice was firm but his body was still tense. She wrapped a leg around his hips, wiping her damp cunt along his upper thigh.

His big hands grabbed her ass and ground her pussy hard against him.

“What about a foursome? The two of us and another married couple. All four of us in bed together, everyone doing everyone, two men, two women, the four of us in a daisy chain, whatever we all want to try.”

He lifted her up slightly and slid her down on his cock. It filled her completely, stretching her tissues. “Hmm, someone likes that plan.”

She sat up a little, flicking her blonde hair off her face, pushing the bedding off her back, and braced her hands on his chest. Although his sandy-brown hair had a few gray threads in it these days, he was still a solid wall of muscles, as his daily gym routine had kept his body toned and fit. His nipples stood up under the tweaking of her fingers and his cock thrust up inside her, high, hard and longer than it had been a few moments ago.

She swiveled her hips so his cock scraped over her G-spot, then leaned forward to press her clit into Logan’s pelvis. His hips rose up under her, his thighs raising and lowering her, faster and faster, his hands tight on her hips.

“I do like that idea. We’ll have to choose the couple wisely though. It has to be people we’re compatible with and trust.”

“Condoms,” she gasped, her orgasm rising inside her as she wiggled her hips again. “Don’t want any worry about health risks.”

“Agreed.” He pinched her clit and rammed deep inside her. With a small scream, Zara shattered and came, her juices flooding Logan’s cock. He groaned and rammed into her again and again. Then a burst of hot cum blasted into her cunt as he stroked raggedly a couple more times before pulling her down on top of him.

“Excellent idea. You deserve a reward for thinking of it,” he whispered, thrusting a finger deep into her ass, and sucking her nipple and the entire areola into his mouth. His cock was still half hard inside her and he moved his hips enough to stimulate her pussy too as his finger pressed wickedly deep into her dark channel, the nail teasing every nerve ending there. His mouth was busy licking, sucking, nibbling her breasts, switching from side to side, adding a tiny bite here and there to tease her sensitive skin.

Zara felt another orgasm blooming in her core, hotter and harder than the previous one.

Logan redoubled his efforts, his hips pumping, his cock growing inside her, and three fingers now thrusting inside her ass.

“Yesssssss,” she sighed.

He bit down on a nipple as a fingernail dug into her clit.

She burst apart, her toes curling in the most delicious way as her body thrashed in spasms of delight.

“God, you’re good at that,” she murmured.

“Yup, well, I love you, honey.”