Monday, January 21, 2019

Threads of Destiny

Threads of Destiny, book 4 of the erotic Tapestries series, is now available!

In all my years of writing, Marc Garen might be the one character I got the most email about. Readers felt he didn't get the happily ever after he deserved in Christina's Tapestry, the first book in the Tapestries series. I happened to agree with them.

Threads of Destiny
Tapestries, Book 4

When a magical tapestry brought a beautiful and loving bride into his brother’s life, Marc Garen could not have been happier, even though he’d hoped to win her for himself. But lately his feelings of emptiness have threatened to overwhelm him, as their buoyant happiness is such a stark reminder of the loneliness that haunts his soul. Then a new tapestry appears and hurls him into a strange and violent world—and into the arms of a woman who has haunted his dreams and carries the promise of the love he so longs for.
Kathryn Piedmont is a brave and beautiful scientist, and she’s put her own life at risk to save two men who were part of a scientific experiment and are now marked for death. As the three find themselves trapped and facing certain execution, Kathryn is convinced their fate is sealed—until Marc, the ruggedly handsome warrior of her fantasies, suddenly appears in the flesh and magically transports them to safety.

With all of them now safe in Marc’s world, the three men in turn and together share Kathryn’s bed, each of them intent on satisfying her every sensual need—and each of them compelled to try to make her his own. But Marc knows that Kathryn is the one woman who can quiet the powerful stirrings in his body and his heart, and he will take her to incredible heights of pleasure to claim her for himself and make her his own for all time…
“Marc?” He could hear the edge of terror in his brother’s voice. Asking the question none of them dared to speak aloud: Had the tapestry come to take Christina away?
“Get her away from here.” Marc strode to the far end of the room, his eyes still fixed on the tapestry, which was changing again. Jarek and Christina called to him, but their words were lost as he became enthralled with the piece of fabric in his hands.
The image distorted and the castle disappeared, replaced by a large home unlike anything he’d ever seen. It was made of wood and brick and didn’t look very sturdy to his eyes. The image was dark and the world around it a dangerous place. In the center of the fabric was a woman, but not just any woman.
Her. His woman. The woman from his dreams.
Her red hair was tucked into some kind of knot, but the color shone through. The longer he stared at the tapestry, the more sharply it came into focus. Her eyes were a brilliant green and intelligence shone from them. Her skin was flawless and her lips begged to be kissed.
A low growl came from the back of his throat as the figures of two men coalesced beside her. The men from the dream. The men who wanted her as much as he did. No! No one could want her as much as he did.
“Take me to her,” he ordered the tapestry before holding it close to his heart. Jarek stood in front of Christina, sword drawn, ready to fight. He could have told his brother there was no need to worry. The tapestry had not come for Christina.
It had come for him.
But words were impossible as the room began to spin around him. A bright light blinded him and his body was ripped away from his home. Christina screamed. His brother roared, but Marc felt nothing but a sense of rightness.
He was going to claim his destiny and his woman.

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