Sunday, January 15, 2023

The Forgotten Brotherhood is back!

HUNTER AVENGED, the 6th book in the Forgotten Brotherhood series by N.J. Walters, is out TODAY!

Hunter Avenged

Forgotten Brotherhood Book 6


It’s taken Viking hunter Sven Knutson six frustrating months to find her. To track down the angel responsible for compromising the Forgotten Brotherhood and waking the drakon. She may be clever. Resourceful. But no one ever gets away from Sven. Ever.

All Rivka longed for as an angel was a chance to serve on Earth and help humans. Instead, it all went impossibly, horribly wrong, and she still doesn’t understand how or even why. All she knows is that she’s on the run—not only from Heaven’s dangerous elite guard, but also from the Brotherhood, who want answers.

She might just have to trust the immortal Viking whose icy blue eyes make her feel almost wickedly human. Because someone wants Rivka dead and the Brotherhood eliminated. Someone powerful enough to take on the most dangerous assassins who have ever lived. Someone who could unleash the fury of both Heaven and Hell…and Rivka is the key.


The trembling started in her legs and raced upward through her torso. She locked her knees to keep from swaying. She was screwed. The Brotherhood were legendary assassins, the boogeymen of the paranormal world, the ones who hunted paranormals gone rogue. They were a law unto themselves.

When Sven reached out his hand, she took another step back. As always, she was on her own, could trust no one but herself. Whatever tentative connection they’d had was nothing more than physical attraction. “You work for the Brotherhood?”

He crossed his arms and shook his head. Her relief was short-lived when he announced, “I don’t work for them. I am one of them.”


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