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An Excerpt From Royal Brat by Nicole Austin

Part of the Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales anthology - Pre-order Now!

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Loving two men, my stepbrothers, got me exiled to a foreign country. Without them I’m lost and alone, cast adrift on turbulent seas without a compass or rudder. In order to finally be together we’ll have to navigate a course through the landmine infested waters of my traumatic past.


Copyright © Nicole Austin, 2017

Chapter One


Standing on the circular drive, a lone suitcase by my side, I stared at the massive brick mansion with a knot of dread in my belly and feeling lost, cast adrift on turbulent seas without a compass or rudder. Wasn’t coming home supposed to bring a sense of warmth and belonging? Perhaps it did for some, but then this had never truly been my home.

An empty pang of loneliness tightened my chest. Considering how many times my world had been turned on its axis over the past decade, I should be accustomed to swift changes and adapt easily to new situations.

If only!

A heavy sigh left me as I looked up to the gray skies and a fat, fluffy snowflake landed on my cheek, followed rapidly by several more. Taking the handle of my suitcase and heading for the beautiful wood and glass doors, I cringed at the bone-rattling clatter created by the wheels rolling over the stone drive. The only thing louder was the thumping music coming from inside.

Reaching the sheltered entryway, I fingered the key in my pocket and fidgeted with indecision. Since my stepbrothers hadn’t been at the airport to pick me up, I had no idea what kind of reception my return would receive. What was I supposed to do? Walk right into the house I am one-third owner of? Knock and wait to be invited in? Considering how the place was lit up like Christmas and thrumming with music someone had to be home.

The decision was taken out of my hands when the door flew open and a large fist wrapped around my arm, pulling me into a confusing whirlwind of activity. A big sandy-haired guy in a University of Tennessee Vols jersey shoved a red solo cup in my free hand then leaned down and sealed his lips over mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

Shock kept me from immediately responding to the wet, sloppy kiss as the taste of cheap beer assaulted my senses. Soon as my brain caught up with the unexpected molestation, I let go of my suitcase and shoved against his broad chest with both hands, splashing cold beer over both of us. When the stranger stumbled back, I gasped for air.

What the actual fuck?

Hip Hop music echoed through the massive two-story foyer so crowded with intoxicated men and women that I couldn’t see past them into the great room. People loitered along the length of the curved grand staircase and littered the hallway above where a meathead jock bent a coed backward over the baluster, her brown hair streaming downward, showcasing the long drop.

One hand slapped over my mouth and the other grabbed my suitcase, which I used as a battering ram to get past the throng of partygoers. Through the great room and kitchen, I fought my way up the back staircase and into the family wing. Bursting into my bedroom, I set my bag aside and turned to find a half-dressed girl grinding her body over a nude guy in the middle of my four-poster bed.

“Get. Out,” I gritted from between clenched teeth.

My demands for the couple to leave went unacknowledged. Feeling dirty and violated, I stormed through my bathroom and into the walk-in closet to grab my old baseball bat. This time, when the couple got a good look at me, they quickly fled.

With the bat cocked over my right shoulder and fury rolling off me in waves, people got out of my way as I stormed down the hall. Grady’s door stood wide-open and I charged inside, coming to an abrupt halt at the obscene sight that greeted me.

At least a dozen bodies writhed around on the thick carpet, accompanied by moans and groans. One girl was on her hands and knees with her head between another girl’s legs while being fucked from behind by a guy wearing a football helmet. There were so many sweaty bodies intertwined it was hard to tell where one person ended and another began. My gaze searched through the roiling mass and I sent a thank you heavenward when I realized neither of my stepbrothers were part of the orgy.

I’m not a prude by any means but damn, I had never witnessed something so… Just damn.

Shaking my head to try and clear the images from my brain, I went across the hall and pushed open Sawyer’s door to find my greatest fantasy and worst nightmare all rolled up in one erotic tableau.

During the year I had lived with them, the rumor mill had buzzed with speculation about their sexual activities. Specifically, a predilection for fucking the same girl. Together. At the same time. Making her the center of a Forbes brother sandwich. While the idea set fire to my fantasies, I’d never actually thought the stories were true. But seeing really is believing.

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An Excerpt from “Fireworks at the Lake” by Berengaria Brown

An Excerpt from “Fireworks at the Lake” by Berengaria Brown.
Part of the “Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales” anthology. Pre-order now!

Andrew goes to Lake Superior for the Fourth of July. A blond Viking arouses every craving inside him. But dare he risk rejection again?

Andrew had spent most of the afternoon trying not to stare at the blond Viking stretched out on a lawn chair with the ripples from the lake running up and over his toes. The blond had removed his T-shirt and placed his Stetson over his face, but not before Andrew had seen the intense blue of his eyes and the sharp ridge of his nose. Since then Andrew had spent his time appreciating the Viking’s muscled arms and shoulders, his ripped abs and the long, long line of his legs—right down to the toes currently buried under an inch of water. Long, narrow toes, a fitting ending to the long, lean legs that disappeared inside baggy, knee-length shorts.
Likely, his view of the Viking was going to be the most exciting part of his Fourth of July weekend this year. Still, life wasn’t too bad. In fact, it could have been a hell of a lot worse. A bunch of the people from the office had planned to spend the day at a cookout in a city park. Andrew didn’t mind working with them, but he wasn’t ready to spend his vacation days with them as well, which was why he’d decided to come here to the lake for the three-day Fourth of July weekend.
Originally he’d planned to stay on the shore until the nine o’clock “family” fireworks display, then head back into the small tourist town for a meal before the midnight lakeside fireworks. But now his plans were liable to change. If the Viking stayed here, he’d stay. If the Viking went off with friends, that would be the end of his happy thoughts of getting to know the man. The only problem was, he hadn’t quite worked out how to get to know the blond yet.
Part of Andrew wanted to just sit and wait. The Viking had been lying there for a couple of hours already, and unless he planned to get quite wet, he’d have to move his lawn chair soon, as the tide was coming in. Likely when he stood up, Andrew could catch his gaze and say hello. Or something. On the other hand, it seemed rude to keep staring—or pretending not to stare—and not speak. But then, perhaps it would be safer to do nothing at all and just wait and watch. So Andrew waited and watched and tried to make up his mind what to do. Part of the problem was that his relationship with Rory had damaged his self-confidence.
He’d loved Rory passionately, far more passionately than Rory had ever loved him. Andrew had wanted them to live together, to settle down, to be a real couple, but Rory had never agreed to that. Gradually Andrew had realized that they were drifting apart, no matter how hard he’d tried to keep them together. Finally he’d understood that although Rory had been the man for him, he couldn’t fulfill Rory. After that had come a time of intense pain and anguish. A time when he’d wondered if he’d ever be enough to make another man happy. But that was last year, and Andrew was ready to try again. But only with someone who at least thought he might be able to love Andrew back.
Andrew stared at the Viking. He knew nothing about this man except that the blond was delicious eye-candy. However, something strong and powerful drew him to the Viking. Could this be his chance at happiness? Or would it be just another Rory who couldn’t return his love?

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An Excerpt from Silent Sky by Regina Kammer #ContemporaryRomance

Part of the Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales anthology

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I watched in horror as the twin towers collapsed, trying to remember if I’d told Scott I loved him before he left for New York.

Copyright © Regina Kammer, 2015

“Jennie?” said the gorgeous guy I’d been ogling surreptitiously since the second he’d walked through the front door. “Hi. I’m Scott. Happy Birthday.” He stuck out his hand.

I smiled and tried not to melt under the intensity of his olive-green gaze as I shook his hand. His grip was strong, assertive, and compelling.

It was my thirtieth birthday and my friend Daphne was throwing me a “bring a single man” party at her flat in San Francisco. All my girlfriends were partnered, but I was the black sheep of the bunch. Perennially single with a string of atrocious short-term boyfriends and one-night-stands.

I met a lot of random guys that night, some of them even gay. (“Well, he’s single!”) Scott arrived late, and I had turned at the sound of the doorbell in hopeful anticipation. He chatted with Daphne briefly before heading straight over to me, wending his way through the cliques of party guests. My heart pumped blood to flush my face, frustrating my attempts to maintain my cool.

Physically he was everything I had fantasized about—and more. Tall, but not too tall. Green eyes, but a shade I had never expected. Brown hair, longish and tousled. Athletic frame covered by a button-down shirt and black jeans. Which meant he actually thought about what to wear to a stranger’s birthday party. He posed gallantly before me with one hand behind his back, as if he were going to bow.

“Hi. Thanks,” I said, still a little dazzled by his perfection.

“I’m a friend of Dave’s—Daphne’s brother.” He glanced around at the noisy throng. “Sorry I’m late. I’m working on this big report. I had to get it done.”

“You’re not late. We haven’t even had cake yet.”

He beamed. “Seriously? That’s the best part.”

“It totally is, isn’t it?” I giggled, nervousness edging my mirth. “And now you’re here we can get the party started.”

Lines like that were usually how I got all those losers in bed.

Except Scott blushed. And pulled his hand from behind his back to present me with a beautiful bouquet: red carnations set off by orange dahlias and yellow sunflowers, splashed with a touch of baby’s breath.

I think I gasped. It was by far the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me.

After that, except for the few moments I was expected to blow out the candles on my cake, I found myself by Scott’s side the entire night.

About the Author

Regina Kammer is a librarian, an art historian, and an award-nominated, best-selling, multi-published writer of erotica and historical erotic romance. Her short stories and novels make history sexier, whether the era is Roman, Byzantine, Viking, American Revolution, or Victorian. She’s even sexed up contemporary settings, Steampunk, and Greco-Roman mythology. She has been published by Cleis Press, Go Deeper Press, Ellora’s Cave, House of Erotica, Story Ink, Loose Id, The Naughty Literati, and her own imprint, Viridium Press. She began writing historical fiction with romantic elements during National Novel Writing Month 2006, switching to erotica when all her characters suddenly demanded to have sex.

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An Excerpt from “Chocolate-Coated Reunion” by Berengaria Brown

An Excerpt from “Chocolate-Coated Reunion” by Berengaria Brown.
Part of the “Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales” anthology. Pre-order now!

Matt arranges to meet Jake for Christmas Eve drinks after work but after a series of disasters is very late. Jake refuses to talk to him. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Matt is determined to reconnect with Jake. But is Jake too hurt and disillusioned to forgive him?

“I need this finalized tonight. I know tomorrow’s Christmas, but the CEO expects me to have this data in a report for him on Thursday.” Clauson dropped a thick file folder onto Matt’s desk.
Matt looked up. He was just filling in his time sheet, ready to leave the moment it was five o’clock.
“But it’s four-thirty now.” Matt flicked a glance at the clock on his computer. “Four thirty-seven.”
“So what? You don’t have any kids. You don’t have to hurry home to do the whole Santa act. It should only take you about three hours. That’ll give you plenty of time to go to whatever holiday party you planned to attend.”
Matt opened his mouth to argue then shut it again. Not only didn’t he have kids, he wasn’t even in a steady relationship. He’d arranged to have drinks this evening with Jake and had hopes that their friendship would develop into a relationship, but that was all in the laps of the gods at this stage.
He opened the folder and glanced at the top few sheets. The data was clearly explained and would be easy to tabulate. Oh well, likely this wouldn’t even take him three hours. It wasn’t such a big deal after all.
Ten sheets into the file, the situation worsened dramatically. The data was no longer clear, there were pages and pages of handwritten notes that were scribbled over in different colored inks and it took him long minutes to decide whether that number was a three or an eight, and whether the next number was a one, a seven, or even possibly a two.
At six he texted Jake.
Sorry. Stuck @ work with project must finish. Hope to see you @ 8.
Almost immediately, his cell vibrated with a reply.
No problemo. I’ll work back too.
Relieved, Matt dug into the file with renewed energy, and a sigh of relief when the next few pages were much easier to decipher. It was only almost two hours later, when his columns didn’t add up, that he knew he’d guessed wrongly on some of the figures and had to go back and retry them. It took another hour to sort that mess out and by then, it was five to nine.
Really sorry. Still here. Another hour, he texted.
The answer came back, Sounds good.
Matt plowed on through the file, rejoicing when everything was straightforward, annoyed and frustrated when it wasn’t. At eleven he made the decision that he would hand in the work and catch the last bus home whether it was fully finished or not.
Catching last bus home. We’ll have midnight drinks together and toast the holiday season in style.
A brief OK was the response.

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Naughty Spice Kindle Contest

To celebrate the release of Naughty Spice: Naughty is the New Nice!, the Naughty Literati are giving away a 7" Kindle Fire loaded with books by our fabulous authors including:

The Naughty Literati’s complete boxed-set collection
Abducted by Lynn LaFleur
Alpha vs Alpha by Francesca Hawley
Charming the Masters by Katherine Kingston
Chocolate Coated Reunion by Berengaria Brown
Desire in Tartan by Suz deMello
Double Down: The Complete Duo by Nicole Austin
Not Too Tall To Love by Berengaria Brown
The Pleasure Device by Regina Kammer

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There are many ways to enter, including a daily bonus entry, so come back every day to increase your chances of winning. And be sure to check our website for other current contests. Good luck and happy reading!

An Excerpt From Dirty Princess by Nicole Austin

Part of the Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales anthology - Pre-order Now!

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I’m sure there’s a rule in the friend code that makes lusting after your bestie forbidden. But if giving in to this off-the-charts chemistry is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 


Copyright © Nicole Austin, 2017

For more than three years I’ve been tortured by mile-long legs I want wrapped tight around my hips, hourglass curves I ache to run my fingers over, a lush rack with deep cleavage my dick needs to fuck. And those lips, Christ. Strawberry red and full, framing a wide mouth that stars in my spank bank. 

Then there’s her hair. Black and glossy as a raven’s wing, it falls in thick, long waves to the upper swell of her mouthwatering, heart-shaped ass. I want to feel the silken mass sliding over my body while she rides me. See it spread out on my pillow. Tangle my fingers in the gorgeous strands and pull while I fuck her from behind. 

And her expressive eyes. I could easily lose myself—drown in the sparkling blue pools. But I can’t. Hallie’s strictly off limits. The deceptively quiet girl I befriended on our first day of freshman year. The one I’ve coaxed and prodded into relaxing and enjoying life. The sweet, serious, cautious girl who astounded me with her depth and intelligence once I gained her trust. And the craziest thing is…she has no idea she’s smokin’ hot, which makes her even more incredible. 

My dad and her mom met during the first family weekend event and an instant connection formed. Our parents became close friends. The four of us have gone on vacations together and they even hang out when we’re not around. 

Early on her mom took me aside, asked me to watch out for Hallie, keep her na├»ve daughter from getting hurt by manipulative guys. I readily accepted the job, swore to protect my friend. Since then I’ve kept her close, chasing off any guy who would have asked her out. Those douches won’t get their hands on her. Hallie’s mine. My precious introvert who’s clueless to the fact she holds my heart and soul in her slender hands. 

But no more. Last night changed everything. Under the influence of tequila, Hallie shared erotic fantasies that got me so hot and hard I came in my pants without ever being touched. That hasn’t happened since puberty. But watching her palm her tits while telling me what she wants, fuck. It felt like she’d seen into my head and discovered all my sexual desires. 

You see, it turns out my little Princess is a dark side lurker who wants to be watched while having rough, no holds barred sex. She breathlessly admitted it all in vivid explicit detail. Right before she passed out. 

But that’s okay. It’s all good. I want Hallie sober and clearheaded, knowing who possess her, gives her everything she needs, when I take her for the first time. Then I’m never letting her go. 

So yeah, the restraints are gone. There’s nothing holding me back. Tonight I make her mine. And knowing my girl like I do, I didn’t give her time to stress over the party. I made the invite a last minute challenge, a way to prove she’s able to be spontaneous and conquer what she fears most—walking into a social event alone. 

But I’m waiting. Watching. Ghosting the halls of the antebellum mansion, a silent dark wraith. Not interacting or even noticing the other party-goers. Not until an electrical charge surges in the air, tingling over my skin. And I don’t have to be told. 

Hallie’s here. My wait is over.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Enjoy NAUGHTY BALLS! by Suz deMello (#newadult #romance #sportsromance)

I tend to write all over the map, that is, in several subgenres. That tendency to explore all kinds of writing hasn't helped my career very much--the most successful writers find a niche and rarely venture out. They write similar books through the years, gathering a dedicated fan following of romantic suspense readers, SEAL fans, vampire lovers--whatever. Not me. I've written vamp novels, shapeshifter stories, a BDSM memoir, and a writing manual--among other works. 

Naughty Balls is my only foray into New Adult, the "now" name for stories featuring characters in the 18-25 age bracket. College students, essentially, and people who have just begun "adulting."

You can find this story in two (two!) places--in my short story collection, Six Steamy Shorties, and in the Naughty Literati's latest anthology, Getting Naughty. This short story is about two college basketball players who find themselves alone on V-Day evening. (M/F)

Here's what readers think about Naughty Balls:

A hot and steamy read!
--Tina Williams, Goodreads

4.5 out of 5
--Lisabet Tucker, Goodreads

Here's an excerpt to pique your interest:

“I tell you what.” He was already close, and shifted so he was even closer.

I stared at his chest to avoid getting trapped by his gaze again. Not the best idea to avoid distraction. 
His chest was ripped like the rest of him and shiny with sweat. Not gross sweat. Sexy sweat.

I wanted to lick it.

I blinked, startled by the thought.

I wanted to lick Orlando Havens’ chest.

Actually, I wanted to do a lot more than lick Orlando’s chest.

He put a finger under my chin and raised my head so I’d have to look him in the eyes. His gaze was curiously intense. He said, “If we’re gonna play, someone oughta pay.”

I scrunched my eyebrows together.

He went on, “Let’s make a bet. You win, you get my manager’s name and number. I win,”

“You...what?” I was so far out of my depth I was drowning.

He grinned at me.

I breathed, felt, thought, then breathed again. Heavily. “That’s not exactly Sophie’s choice,” I said slowly. “But it’s a tough one.”

“Yeah?” His smile was a little smug and a lot sexy.
OMG. I realized with more than a little surprise that he was really interested in me. Not only as an athlete, but as a person.

As a woman.

Who’da thunk it? Not me.

I found myself grinning. “This is great. I win either way.” I looked him in the eyes again and allowed my eyelashes to flutter. “Don’t I?”

“So do I. I reckon I already won.”

“How’s that?”

“I didn’t know you liked me.”

My mouth dropped open. “Of course I do. Who doesn’t?”

He humphed. “A lot of people. And a lot of folks just wanna use me. You better look out for that, too, girl.”

“If anyone’s using me, I haven’t noticed.”

“You just got here, l’il Ms. Freshman. Come March Madness, people ’round here are gonna notice you even if you don’t bother noticing them. You’re gonna get hit on like you’re a punching bag.”

“Hm.” Nerves twitched in my belly. Starting to sweat, I unzipped my hoodie. “What do I do about it?”

“I’ll watch your back if you watch mine. If you want.”

“Oh, I want.” I again looked him square in the eyes. “I definitely want.”

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