Saturday, February 12, 2022

Wolf in Pursuit is now available

The latest installment of the Salvation Pack: The Next Generation series is here!

Wolf in Pursuit 
 Salvation Pack: The Next Generation, Book 2 

 Etienne Rollins is in hot pursuit of Amy Blanchard, the female he wants to mate. Her sheltered upbringing has left her questioning her future and place in the pack. The sizzling attraction between them, the change in their relationship from friend to romantic interest, confused her even more, so she fled. He’s tracked her to a bar in Tennessee and not a moment too soon, as she’s caught the attention of two unattached, unknown male wolves—the Landry brothers. 

 Amy uses Etienne’s unexpected arrival to explore the sensual heat pulsing between them. Not easy to do while handling the Landry brothers, a violent confrontation with some humans, a kidnapping, and fleeing a crazed wolf who wants to use her to get back at the Landrys. If she survives, she’ll need to confront her feelings for Etienne once and for all.


She’d seen Etienne in many moods over the years, but none of them came close to this. He’d disarmed two men and knocked them out—all without breaking a sweat. Then calmly gathered all their belongings and removed any trace of their presence.

Some would call him cold, but they’d be wrong. Dead wrong. Intensity bled from his pores, his very presence still, the calm before the storm. Or more aptly, the eye of the hurricane.

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