Wednesday, September 18, 2019


RESCUE ME, a paranormal novella, is out TODAY!

When a raging fire engulfs her apartment, Martha Benson can do nothing but send up desperate prayers that she might somehow be rescued—until she suddenly finds herself being carried out in the powerful arms of the one man she never expected to see again, Frank Ellis. When he miraculously parts the demonic wall of flames and leads them to safety, she’s stunned to realize that this ruggedly handsome man who once broke her heart can still stir sensual desires she’d long given up on ever feeling again.

As a young man, Frank was consumed by a haunting connection to fire that he did not understand and lived in fear that he might accidentally harm Martha. Forced to walk away from her for her own safety, he still dreamed of her and their youthful passion. And now that he has found her again nearly twenty years later, he’s determined to never leave her, and he knows he must learn to harness his mystical power to win her trust and make her his own.

As their reunion sparks their desire anew and forges a deep emotional and erotic bond, Frank and Martha must both confront their fears to rise from the ashes of their past and rekindle a love that can never be extinguished . . .


The apartment door was like a wall of fire when he approached it. Frank didn’t hesitate. He lifted the axe in his hand, drew back and slammed the heavy head of the tool into the area just below the lock. The door flew open and he stepped inside the inferno.

The flames reached out as though trying to stroke his skin. They were so beautiful, so alive, it was tough not to become mesmerized by them. He shook his head to clear it. Ignoring the heat and smoke, he headed to the far end of the apartment. It took precious seconds for him to check the bedroom. Damn the smoke. It was so thick he could barely see his hand in front of his face.

He felt along the wall and found another door. He twisted the knob and shoved it open. It was the bathroom. He took a step forward and almost stumbled over a towel that had been shoved against the bottom crack of the door. His heart sped up.

Over his radio, he could hear the chief ordering everyone out. He ignored it. He was too close to stop now. The room was small and he knew there was only one place the occupant would be—the bathtub. He made his way there and, sure enough, a woman was curled up with what looked to be a damp towel over her head.

Frank set his axe aside and lifted the woman into his arms. He prayed he wasn’t too late. Her eyes fluttered open and his heart nearly stopped. In spite of the smoke and the fire, he could see her eyes. They were eyes he knew well. They’d haunted his dreams for half his life.