Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One, Two, Three, Even More!

I’m utterly fascinated by ménage stories. My tastes run the gamut. Put together three or more people and have them navigate sexual and societal pressures, and you’ll have me riveted. I don’t have a particular preference for an established couple bringing someone new in, or three people new to a relationship together forging their way. I’ll read it all!

Unconventional relationships have become more mainstream in the last decade. Big Love and Sister Wives let us have a glimpse into polygamy, both fictional and real life. BDSM has come into huge mainstream appeal with the Fifty Shades books. Romance authors have been throwing open the bedroom door in their books. Publishers big and small have taken chances on books featuring ménages and have found readers clamoring for more.

So, what is it about ménages that appeals so much? Is it the idea that three people are willing to share their love? Is it that if two are good together, three would be even better?

One thing I’m particularly fascinated about is the social aspects of a ménage, especially how families react to the news that their relative has found love with not one, but multiple, people. Does the titillation factor impact acceptance? Do the family members worry about their loved one’s standing in the community, or professional life?

I’m just about to finish my summer story for the Naughty Literati, and in it, I feature a ménage that is as unconventional as it gets. I find myself having great fun examining what will happen in this grouping’s future. There’s a child involved, which always complicates things. But oh, how I love these sorts of complications!

What are some of your favorite ménage titles? Do you have a specific grouping that is most to your taste?

Look for Kismet in Naughty Heatwave, releasing this summer!

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