Thursday, October 26, 2017

Excerpt from Strange Magic by Lynn LaFleur

Part of the NAUGHTY PHANTASIA boxed-set, available now!

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Savannah has thirteen days to perfect her changing spell with help from Dominic, her Coven Master and the warlock she loves, or suffer dire consequences.
*Published in a previous Naughty Literati anthology.*

Copyright © Lynn LaFleur, 2017


Savy blinked. And blinked again. Surely Dom hadn’t asked her such a personal question. “Excuse me?”
“I asked, how is your sex life? Witches and warlocks have a very high sex drive. If you aren’t involved with someone, the lack of sex can put a huge strain on your powers.”
Heat rushed to her cheeks so fast, Savy wondered why the top of her head didn’t blow off. She couldn’t remember ever being embarrassed so many times in one day. “My powers are fine, thank you very much.”
One black eyebrow arched, silently saying, “Oh, really.”
“Okay, so my powers aren’t completely fine, but that has nothing to do with sex.”
“So you are involved with someone?”
“I didn’t say that.”
“Savannah. Are you or aren’t you having regular sex?”
His tone reminded her of the high school principal. She refused to be questioned about what happened in her bedroom. Or didn’t happen, since she hadn’t had sex in months. “That is none of your business.”
Savy rose from her chair, picked up her dishes and spoon, and carried them to the sink. The rattle of his spoon against his saucer indicated when he also rose. She gripped the edge of the sink as she sensed him walking closer to her.
He set his cup and saucer on the counter, then caged her with his hands on either side of hers. No part of him touched her, yet she felt him all along her body. “I’m not being a pervert, Savannah. I’m your Master, and it’s my job to take care of my Coven. I have to ask the personal questions to help you.”
Savy stared at her spoon in the sink as it multiplied into two, three, four. If she didn’t get away from Dom, her sink would soon overflow with silverware.
She turned in his arms and placed her hands on his chest, determined to push him away from her. Firm muscles beneath her palms stopped her words. She’d seen him jog past Ruby’s Pizza, so she knew he kept in shape. She longed to explore every part of him, learn the texture of his skin. She yearned to know if his emerald eyes changed color with desire.
She had her answer when her gaze met his lust-filled one. The irises almost glowed with heat.
“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted your hands on me?”

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