Sunday, November 6, 2016

Suburban Dominants is Finally Complete

Whew!  It’s taken more time than I anticipated, but I’ve finally got the rest of the Suburban Dominants series re-edited and formatted for ebook release.  Kyle’sBargain, number four in the series, was out as of November 1 and Cilla’sMaster, number five, is now available for pre-order. Its scheduled release date is November 20th.

I’m still waiting for the cover for Secret Santa Sir, the last one in the series. Since it’s a Christmas story, I’m hoping to have it in time for a December 5th release.

Between getting those ready and the Naughty Literati stories, plus some family things, I’ve stayed really busy this year!

I do plan to release more of my backlist next year. I especially want to get my Passions series of medieval historicals out again, but I also have a couple of new things in process, including a novel, tentatively titled, Judith’s Challenge. A prequel to that story was in the Naughty Reunions anthology titled “Renovating the Relationship.”

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