Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shaking It Up in San Francisco

Greetings everyone,

Today, I want to share my inspiration for setting my Naughty Escape's story, Shake It Up! in San Francisco.    

I had the opportunity to visit San Francisco back in 2011 and it was really beautiful. I didn't get to do as much touristy stuff as I'd like, but overall it was a lovely trip with great friends. It left a

warm feeling with me, so when it came to finding an exciting setting for a story, I knew San Francisco fit the bill.

I walked over the Golden Gate bridge which was shrouded in a deep fog which didn't begin to burn off until we were leaving. So a few days later my friend and I came back to visit again which resulted in the photo above. It was a beautiful day and the area was just stunning. I took a lot of pictures - typical tourist - and just enjoyed the mild December temperatures.

I took some nice walks around Fisherman's Wharf, waded in the ocean, and drove up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco. I didn't experience an earthquake though, and I'm not too sorry about that. It's the one experience I don't regret missing.

My Christmas trip was fabulous and it stuck with me. I loved the sights and sounds of the city and wanted to include that feeling in my story - if only a little. I hope you enjoy my story and have the opportunity to visit San Francisco for yourself one day.

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