Monday, October 10, 2016

Upcoming rereleases - my shapeshifters are back

Hi all from Francesca Hawley!

Today I officially have all of the rights back to all of my books. I set up a buyback offer with my former publisher and today the last two books reverted. That means I'm planning to rerelease those books with new covers and edited content. It's an exciting day for me.

I admit it's also a little scary to be the one making all the decisions about my books, but it's liberating too. My shapeshifter books are the ones I'm happiest about. They've been tied up for a very long time and so I've chosen not to write additional stories in that world that I created until I once again had creative control over my work. Now I do.

During October, Alpha vs. Alpha will be rereleased. In November, Rockin' Little Christmas (formerly titled Cupid Rocks) will be available for purchase. Leader of the Pack will make its reappearance in December and in January, Protect and Defend will be available.

My plan is to pick another story that I've started but not finished, and get it written for a February release date. If you're a fan and have a favorite character who's been dangling in the wind for a while, please post and let me know that you want his/her story. I value my readers and I want to make all of you happy!

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  1. Congrats, Francesca. Much success to you in re-releasing the books. :)