Thursday, October 27, 2016

Spooky, Sexy, Haunting Heroes #eroticromance by Kathy Kulig

Hey Gang! Are you ready for Halloween? Something about this time of year that gets me in the mood for supernatural/paranormal books, movies and heroes. Romance writers know how to write alpha supernatural heroes especially those Vampires, shapeshifters, aliens, ghosts, demons and more.

Who are your favorites??? I know the popularity of vampires seem to come and go, but they’re always one of my favorites. I started with the Anne Rice vampire series when they first came out, and later fell in love with JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I’m also a fan of shifters. I’ve written a number of these books and will get these out in the future.

Since I was a kid, I was hooked on ghost stories, and I have tons of books. Even a number of ‘true’ local folk tales. Every city and state have their traditional ghost stories, and if you take a ghost tour, you may learn some interesting facts and creepy history.

Dh and I have been on a number of ghost tours: Key West, New Orleans, and New Hope, PA. All had great eerie stories from present day to hundreds of years ago. We’ve stayed in a couple B&B’s known to have haunting histories. More on that in other blog posts.

So if you like Spooky, Sexy, Haunting stories, check out Naughty Literati’s Naughty Haunts I’ve read these stories and there’s plenty to satisfy that paranormal urge.Eleven Spooky Love Stories including BBW, BDSM, contemporary, MM, Menage, New Adult, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Speculative fiction, Stepbrother, and Witch Romance from bestselling authors writing as The Naughty Literati.

I'd also Like to recommend a sexy ghost story mystery romance of mine too!
His Lost Mate - Seduced by the sultry jungle and a supernatural connection, two archaeologist, Lauren and Deven, are lured into a forbidden and passionate affair. But with the help of an ancient shaman ghost, and Lauren's psychic visions, they must battle a dark entity before Lauren falls victim to the deadly evil.

If you do check out His Lost Mate, thank you! Just a note: I recently created a new author newsletter: Kathy's Hot News and the link for my mailing list inside the books is wrong. Click HERE if you'd like to check out my new Sexy Tips and Steamy Romance column, be included in monthly gift card drawing, exclusive reads, contests and more.

Sooo, who are your favorite supernatural heroes and books???


  1. Welcome, Kathy! I loved The Haunting - old B&W version. Very creepy.

  2. Hey Tina, Ooh, that's one of my favorite. The Haunting of Hill House is another.