Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rock Stars And the Readers Who Love Them

I’m an unabashed music fan, and have been since I was first aware. My father and I created a lot of music memories. He took me to my first concert at age four, and I met my first famous musicians then. At home, I was surrounded by music as well. My uncle was a drummer who recorded a couple of singles with his band.

After an amazing time working (and playing) with musicians in the ‘90s, I tried to write some rock star romances around the turn of the century. I loved them, my friends loved them, but there didn’t seem to be a market for them.

I’m so thrilled that rock star romances are popular. It doesn’t really surprise me. After all, rock stars are sexy personified. This isn’t limited to just younger rock stars; I have friends who swoon over Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul McCartney. There’s something special about seeing an artist on stage and the synergistic bond between audience and artist. There is little more exhilarating than that moment when artist and audience are sharing that experience, feeding off one another’s energy.

Plus, let’s face it. What woman hasn’t had at least a fleeting crush on a rock star? Whether a tattooed hard rocker, or someone more pop oriented, there’s something for everyone.

I went to a couple of shows from my favorite band last weekend, and since I know their set fairly well, I took a few moments to observe the audience, not just the people around me, but the folks spread across the amphitheater. The sheer joy on the audience members’ faces was a sight to behold. It was reflected back from the musicians on stage, who played their hearts out despite the heat.

I love writing about rock stars, though I’m not as drawn to the younger bad boy musicians as I am guys in their late twenties and up. While I haven’t seen as many of these older heroes, I think there is a huge market for them, and I expect I’ll be writing them for ages.

In fact, I have a couple of rock star romances. Get Away, in Naughty Escapes, features a former boy band singer and an A-list actor. Kell broke away from the boy band atmosphere to stretch his musical wings, but he and the rest of his band have maintained tight ties throughout the years. In fact, Kell plays a special private concert for a couple of fans who met at one of his shows, and brings along one of his former bandmates.

In Homeward Bound, releasing in Naughty Reunions, Bry and Kell’s story continues There’s even a brief meeting with another former bandmate.

And yes, I know the question you’re asking. These two sexy musicians will be getting their own stories sometime in the future.

What are some of your favorite rock star romances? What appeals to you about rock star romances? Who are some of your rock star crushes?


  1. Suz! I'm gearing up for Rocktober at The Rock of Pages -- would you be willing to reprint this (with buy links!!) or write me something else about your love of Rock Fiction? Promote yourself like mad over there, woman!! A entire blog devoted to Rock Fiction -- what's not to love?

    1. Hello, Susan...this blog was written by Alexa Silver. I have never written a story (that I can remember) with a rock star hero.

  2. Another fan of rock stars and musos - I wrote my first novel (in 1993 - eek!) about rock stars, a fiendish manager and scary goings-on in a haunted castle.