Thursday, August 6, 2015


A few months ago I pulled all but one of my novels from Ellora’s Cave. It was a bittersweet move for me. They weren’t my first publisher, but at first they were one of the best of several I’ve dealt with.

Sometime back in 2000, I was invited to submit to this very new epublisher. An author friend had just signed with them, so I asked about her experience with them. She told me about a small, friendly publisher that was open to a variety of stories, but mostly interested in erotic romance. That worked well for me, so I sent them a novel I’d been working on for a while. To my shock, I got a positive response just twelve hours later.

Over the next twelve to fourteen years, I published eight novels, eight novellas, and three shorter pieces with Ellora’s Cave. It was good for both the company and myself.

But times change, and the publishing world changes even faster. Authors who want to continue to thrive have to be prepared to adapt.

So with some sadness and more than a little trepidation, I decided it was time to take my books back and venture out on my own. Over the next few months, I’ll start re-releasing some of my older books, re-edited and in some cases re-written, with new covers and blurbs.

But in the meantime, I’m also doing these wonderful anthologies with the Naughty Literati group and it’s being great fun!


  1. They were my first and primary publisher. I had 23 stories with them. I've managed to get 11 of those returned and am in the same process of revising, re-editing, and self-publishing them. I hope to get the rest of my stories back too.

  2. Good luck with your new endeavor, Kate.

  3. Suz!! And anyone else finding themselves in the same boat: If you need tips about the self-pubbing process, do check out the weekly feature "The Business of Writing" on my blog. So far I've covered everything from setting up your own company to what it means to be a professional writer. Main blog page is The Maze of Twisty Passages. Best of luck to all of you! :)