Monday, November 20, 2017

In the Cards

What would happen if you found a picture of your ideal fantasy man on a greeting card? That's what happens to Catherine Ryan while she's searching for the perfect birthday card for her sister.

Here's a little taste of In the Cards, now available.

* * * * *

Catherine shifted on the bed, and winced when sore areas between her thighs complained. She'd had erotic dreams many times, but none of them had felt so real. If she didn't know better, she would swear her fantasy man had actually been here, in her bed, making wild, passionate, earth-shattering love to her.

Too much time staring at that card, Cat.

With a heavy sigh, she rolled to her side toward the window. She liked to look at the early morning sunshine before she rose from the bed. Instead, today she looked into the face of her fantasy man...only he wasn't a fantasy, but very real.

Catherine blinked. And blinked again. She must still be dreaming. That had to be the answer. But it didn't seem like a dream. The warmth of the sun touched her face. Her soft pillow supported her head. Her silky chemise caressed her skin. Surely all those things wouldn't seem so real if she dreamed.

Slowly, she reached out and touched his hair that lay over his ear. Soft, as soft as her own. Her gaze followed her hand as it drifted down his arm. Warm skin overlay firm muscle. A light dusting of hair covered his forearm. That, too, felt real.

She raised her gaze back to his face. His open eyes stared at her.

"Good morning," he whispered.

* * * * *

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