Sunday, May 14, 2017

Does Your MOTHER Read What You Write? by Marianne Stephens

My mother was very excited when I began my writing career and wanted copies of ALL my books.

Uh...I don't think so.

Knowing her taste in books, I gave her copies of my romance books....but not the erotic ones! She'd be surprised if I offered them to her and wouldn't have read them. She was happy reading my OTHER romance books and nonfiction books.

Does your mother read erotic books? Or just those sweet to sensual romances?

I was surprised by my daughters' reactions to my books. I gave them copies, but they never did say if they read the erotic ones! You know, it''s like thinking of your mother and SEX. Mom couldn't possibly write all that stuff! And, of course, we don't think of our mothers as having any type of sex life anyway. Right?

While always proud of my writing, my mother and daughters avoided discussing "those" books. We just concentrated on the OTHER romance books and nonfiction books I've written. Fine with me!

In my stories, I never seem to have a heroine's mother as an integral part of my story. Aunts, yes. Mothers, no. Mothers are mentioned, but don't play major roles. However, I do have mothers as part of my stories...but they're always mothers of heroes!

Hmm. Very interesting! Didn't consider this heroine's-mother, no, hero's-mother, yes aspect of my writing until writing this blog!

Anyway, I wish all a Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy time together or with fond memories of mothers who've passed away.

Marianne Stephens


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