Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day...Enjoy the Guys! by Marianne Stephens

Yeah, I can't let this opportunity go by without posting some wonderful guys for you to drool over. After all, Valentine's Day is here, and we all need a "lift", right?
 Maybe you'll be someone who gets a stuffed bear, like the one shown in this photo. Oh...if you're lucky, the guy holding it will look just like this hunk and come aptly dressed (or undressed) when he presents you with his gift.
Notice his bulging muscles, the strategic position of that teddy bear...and the bear's little hat.
Are you wondering what's behind that bear? When you grab for the teddy, will you "find" something else, waiting for your caress?

Candy and flowers are the usual choice of gifts for your sweetheart to give you, but wouldn't you love something that keeps giving, and giving, and giving... Of course, recharging is necessary, but dream and fantasize all you want! What's under that bag? 
Use your imagination and place a face for this mystery man. And, what's under that box of Valentine chocolates? After you eat all the candy, will you find another wonderful surprise to enjoy?

Now, the message with this photo tells it all. What a luscious satin pillow for you to lay your head on. Comfy, smooth, surrounded by hot, sizzling male flesh. You get to fantasize what comes next! And...is that your hand holding up the pillow? How quickly can you move it aside to peek at what's behind it?

Valentine's Day is for lovers of all ages. Enjoy the day with someone you love...in any fantasy way you desire!

Marianne Stephens

Photos: Rockshots.com

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