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Win an eBook Copy of Secret Escort (#eroticromance #NewRelease #BDSM)

Sexy Secrets Revealed in the Sins of Odyssey series by Kathy Kulig

Most people have a sexy secret or two, a naughty tidbit of information from your past sexual experiences you wouldn’t dare share with the world, including friends and lovers.

Or you maybe you have that one trusted friend who does know.
Perhaps you have a secret craving you fantasize about like: Having a threesome, working as a stripper or high-priced call girl, exploring BDSM, or having a sexy rendezvous with an old flame…

Oh, I’m sure you’ve fantasized about some kinky desire. Fantasies are great and you don’t have to share, so why not read about a few. In the new erotic contemporary series: Sins of Odyssey, characters have their sexy secrets or kinky desires revealed, and usually with major consequences. In each book, the characters visit a luxurious mansion on the coast of South Florida (Dark Odyssey) that has been converted into a playground for adults to explore all sorts of naughty desires.

So far there are three books in the Sins of Odyssey series. More will come soon. Each book is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

In Secret Destiny Darius helps his lover Paula who’s desperate and on the verge of financial disaster. At Dark Odyssey, the couple are hired to preform high-priced sex shows to satisfy the kinky needs of wealthy clients. But the clients want more. Destiny discovers she likes the sultry job, maybe too much, and now she must consider the consequences to her love life.

Secret Escort is about indulging in the naughtiest of secrets. A one-night stand with a stranger at a sex club that turns into a threesome, and then the unexpected happens…Love complicates the whole arrangement. Is love at first sight truly possible? Or is it a lusty infatuation?

Secret Sins has several secrets two characters want to hide. But we know what happens with well-kept secrets, they rarely remain secret. Master Cayne will obsess you, shock you and capture your heart forever… Emma, with her career on the line, can’t reveal why she’s visiting Dark Odyssey. Two people with the hottest chemistry, explore BDSM, but when their secrets are revealed, the results are devastatingly heartbreaking. Can trust and love find a way?

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Secret Sins is on Pre-Order and will be released on February 2nd. Order your copy here:

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Excerpt for Secret Sins: (slightly edited)
Adrian, why don’t you explore the rest of the rooms and give Emma the tour yourself?” Carter said as he took his girlfriend’s hand and started to leave. “Come back when you’re done. It’ll give time for Cynthia and me to set up. We promised Emma a demo.”
Adrian raised an eyebrow at that. Emma cringed. Her friends couldn’t be more obvious about hooking Adrian up with her.
“Sure. After you,” Adrian said.
Emma continued to glance around the room at the BDSM equipment and murals. Her pulse increased at the thought of being bound and at the mercy of someone like Adrian. One second she wanted to turn and run out of this place and the next, she desired it. As she imagined herself naked and strapped to one of those chairs or a table, her heated throbbed in all the intimate places. How would he start? Would he blindfold her, use a crop, a flogger, a paddle, his hand or something else? Would he pleasure her or hurt her? How far was she willing to take this for her article?
So many questions came to mind. A good detailed story about Dark Odyssey and its dungeon rooms could be her ticket out of Scandal. Otherwise, she could be fired with a bad recommendation. Was she getting in over her head? What if she couldn’t go through with this? Would Adrian take her tonight as his submissive? If not she’d have to find someone else. That idea didn’t appeal to her.
Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Adrian watching her.
From the room at the far end of the hallway a loud crack sounded and a woman cried out. Emma grabbed Adrian’s arm.
“Want to watch a scene?” he asked.

Indulge your book cravings, keep reading.
Kathy Kulig


  1. This sounds sooooo hot, Kath! Can't wait to read.

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