Friday, December 23, 2016

5 Romantic Holiday Tips for Lovers w/Bonus Naughty Ones

The Holidays should be more than rushing around the malls with a fist-full of coupons, or hours of online shopping. There’s always one more gift to buy, gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, holiday parties, anxious children, and relatives to please.

How can you keep romance alive with your sexy Santa’s helper and add in a little naughty and nice fun time through the season?

Here are a few ideas: Romantic Holiday Tips for Lovers

1.   Romantic Holiday dinner out for two. Years ago when I was single and didn’t live close to family, I created a tradition for myself so I wouldn’t sit home alone on Christmas Eve. I got dressed up, made a reservation at a nice restaurant, invited friends who didn’t have family or a place to go for Christmas Eve and had a nice, fancy night out. Many times I went out alone. The wait staff and managers noticed I was alone and treated me extra special, like offering me a free desert. I always tipped exceptionally well. They were away from their families working on Christmas Eve! (Remember your wait staff over the Holidays!)

After I married in 2001, I told Dh about my tradition and he suggestion we continue it as a couple. We take a break from holiday stress, family demands, etc. and have a romantic dinner out. Since it’s his tradition to celebrate the holiday with his family on Christmas Eve, we changed our tradition to the Eve of Christmas Eve, December 23rd. He starts looking for restaurants a month or more ahead of time. “Where should we go this year for our Eve of Christmas Eve dinner?” In 15 years we haven’t missed one yet!

2.   Holiday movie marathon. Get out the hot cider, hot chocolate or a good bottle of wine. Dig out your collection of holiday movies. I know you have your favorites (ours are White Christmas, the older Christmas Carole and Love Actually). Curl up for a cozy evening.

3.   Mistletoe in various places: String up sprigs of mistletoe around the house, or move one around to various locations—the kitchen, next to the Christmas tree, the bedroom, over a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles.

4.   Many places like parks and zoos have Holiday lights displays. Bundle up and take a romantic walk surrounded by colorful festive lights. Some neighborhoods love to decorate their homes. Just driving around to see their elaborate displays. I’ve seen some areas so elaborately decorated that people would park their cars and walk around. Do you have a place like that near you?

5.   Holiday concerts and shows. Check your area for holiday events. Some can be inexpensive given by colleges, churches and other community groups. We have a theater in our town. Or larger concerts like Trans-Siberian Orchestra. That’s on my wish list for one day. Plan ahead for these shows and get tickets early.


Of course the Naughty Literati have to offer a few fun naughty Christmas ideas too to spice up the holidays. You can exchange a few naughty but nice gifts with your lover. A super sexy gift he’s not expecting, but will truly love. By the way, these gifts are gifts for both of you!

Sexy lingerie for her, boxers for him.

Try out a new sex toy. There are a lot of news ones out there to try. Check out the online shops if you don’t want to shop at the local exotic/intimate shops.

Roleplay a 50 Shades evening of your own. There are many Exotic/lingerie shops and online stores that sell lovers kits with blindfold, restraints, flogger, etc.

Scented massage oil. Sexy massage…

Read passages of an erotic romance book to each other. There are several choices from the Naughty Literati anthology collection Give a book as a gift.

DVDof sexy/romantic movies, or go adventurous and try out some soft porn. Tristan Taomino has a list of films she’s produced that promote sex-positive topics.

Want some more ideas? Check out the post on my author blog: Naughty GiftRecommendations from the #RomanticSexGeek

Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


  1. Wonderful post, Kath! Happy holidays to you and yours. :)

  2. Thank you, Tina. Happy Holidays to you and yours too!

  3. Thanks, Kath - hope you and yours have an awesome holiday season too! :)