Saturday, July 18, 2015

I wrote "The End"! by Suz deMello

Very little compares to the bliss of finishing a project, whether it be a 100,000 word novel or a 7K shortie, like the one I completed last night.

Yes, I got to write "The End" on the short story I wrote for the Naughty Literati's autumn anthology, due to be published on September 25.

This boxed set is called Naughty Reunions, and that's its theme--a return to romance between lovers, former lovers, or not-yet-lovers--or any other combination that our clever band of authors can invent.

As for my story, it's about one of these:

image by Rene at da.wikipedia

who can transmute into one of these:

image by Ben69jamin

who is loved by one of these:

image by Beercha

and is liberated from one of these:

image by Figaro at en.wikipedia

but not without hassles, of course--what's a story without some conflict? Boring, that's what.

I hope you'll love it as much as I loved writing it!

Or, rather, as much as I loved finishing it. 

So what do authors do when they complete a project? 

Well, we all have different styles. I sometimes drink Champagne or go out for a nice dinner. But I've been very social lately and wanted a quiet evening at home. So I sat down with one of these:

public domain image
from wikimedia commons

and one of these:

image by Kumano3
from wikimedia commons

and this:

and had a lovely time.

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