Monday, April 6, 2015

Writing Short

Being uncharacteristically brief (for me), writing short stories is hard for me.  I do much better with novels or even novellas.  Sounds odd, doesn’t it?  You’d think it would be so much easier to write 5,000 words than it is to write 50,000.  And in terms of sheer, physical labor, it’s true.

But coming up with an idea that can work in a short space and then writing it neatly and tightly is much harder than it sounds.

Maybe it’s that my brain is too undisciplined to focus sharply on one scene and find the inherent drama in it. Or perhaps my mind just finds too much complexity everywhere. Whatever the reason I tend to think in bigger pictures.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed the challenge of being part of the Naughty Literati anthologies.  The stories in these anthologies are short, but they’re complete, satisfying tales that pack a punch. The group includes some amazingly talented writers who do fabulous stories. I’m honored to be with them, but I’m challenged as well.

To feel like I belong in this company of excellent writers means I have to push myself and whatever writing skills I possess into places they don’t naturally go.  I have to work harder to do neat, compact, satisfying stories in a short space.  It’s hard, but it’s exhilarating in its own odd way. I relish the challenge and hope that I can produce stories readers will enjoy and maybe even write something that will touch a few hearts.

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