Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Certain Things Guys Do

Some things just turn me on no matter how hard I try to ignore them.  I noticed it right after I got married when--for the first time--I saw my new husband standing at the chest of drawers in nothing but a pair of unzipped worn, faded blue jeans with his belt dangling to either side of the opened fly. With his broad shoulders, adorable feet and a killer ass no woman could overlook, he literally took my breath away. When he turned to look over his shoulder at me I thought my knees would buckle.  At the time I was eighteen years old and he was the only man I'd ever seen sans clothing so I thought all men were...well...as well-endowed and well-proportioned. Boy was I in for a rude awakening!

Over the years I begin to realize there were certain things guys do, the way they look, what they wear that do really funny things to my libido. Case in point: I have a type.

Black or very dark brown hair, cobalt blue eyes with really long, thick lashes; full lips that are just as ready with a smile as with a sexy smirk; broad shoulders, narrow hips, good-sized thighs and calves; an athletic neck and a chest full of curly, swirling hair that tapers down a distinct tiger line to a flat belly.

Yeppers, that's my type and there are a lot of guys out there I see on TV who fit the bill. Well, maybe not all of them have ALL of the traits, but many do. The guy in the shot above is Newfoundlander Allan Hawco and he is some mighty fine eye candy despite the fact he has only a teeny-tiny tuft of hair between his pecs. Others who fit the mold: Colin Donnell, David Giantoli, Jamie Lee Soffer, Collin O'Donahue, Antony Starr, Wes Bentley and Ryan Peavey to name a few.  I can stare at them all day long. I've also noticed they all tend to look at a woman from under their lashes: another tell that simply turns me on.

Scruff?  Yes. Full beard? No.  Goatee only? Hell to the no!  Funky mustaches such as Pablo Schrieber wears on Orange is the New Black? I'm shuddering just thinking about. They aren't called pornstaches for nothing. Muttonchops? Get the hell out of my sight, dude!

Nice asses that stick up so delightfully from a pair of torn, faded blue jeans. (Are you seeing a pattern here with the jeans? So sue me.)  I prefer no belt but if they are wearing one, it had better be black and have a silver buckle. Ever seen the old poster called Buns and Roses? Guy is standing with his bare back to the camera in a pair of tight blue jeans. His arm is behind his back, crooked across his waist and clutched in his hand is a bouquet of red roses. A nicely-rounded behind adding to the mix makes that poster drool-worthy. Wish I still had my copy of it.

In going through stock photos to use on my webpage, I found numerous shots of men standing with their fingers stuffed into the pockets of their torn jeans with just their cute little thumbs sticking out. That is a MAJOR turn on for me. I will pause a scene on TV when I see a good looking guy standing like that. I have absolutely no idea why it turns me on but it does. If...by some glorious chance...they are bare chested and barefoot at the same time and I get a glimpse of their cute little toes?  Oh,  babybabybaby! Lemme at him!

Men standing with their hands on their slender hips. Yes. That is a turn-on, too. Especially if he's standing there all authoritative and sexy, one eyebrow arched as if to ask: Whatcha gonna do now, girl?

Men wearing sunglasses. <SIGH>  The darker the lens, the better. No blue or amber though. I prefer silver aviator sunglasses and I'll tell you why.  My husband was an Air Force weatherman and it was his job to brief pilots before they took off.  Sometimes I'd visit him at the weather office and I'd watch him talking to the hotshot B-52 pilots. Most of these guys were absolutely mouthwatering gorgeous and they had ATTITUDE. They didn't walk, ladies. They strutted. They swaggered in their jumpsuits and Air Force blue garrison caps with the metallic braid. (Funny thing about these hats. Servicemen called them cunt caps.)  I remember one guy in particular who turned when he saw me. He flashed this 3000 watt stark white smile, hooked his index finger on the nose piece of the sunglasses, tugged them down, looked over them then winked at me. Right there in front of my husband. Man, I lived off that sensual flirt for several days. 

BTW: in the photo showing pilots wearing their garrison caps is the first female Thunderbirds pilot Maj. Nicole Malachowski. 

In the photo above there are three great little Certain Things I Like: hands on hips, man wearing aviator sunglasses who has a killer little tush.  He may be short, but I'll bet he's in proportion to his size. Even if he isn't, he's a pilot and he's hot stuff to most women.

Handsome men wearing scuffed caramel-colored cowboy boots with their jeans will get my attention in a heartbeat. Slap a black Stetson and a blue gingham shirt rolled up to the elbows on him and I could really hurt that boy.

Wait a minute while I fan myself here and wipe the drool from my keyboard.

I like a nice ripped body on a male. Chiseled pecs, washboard abs, killer asses and hairy chests get a lot of play in each and every one of my books. Gotta have those nice big thighs, too. No spindly legs and thin calves for me. No twisted toes with yellowed nails attached, either. A man with a pretty pair of feet just makes me melt. The only thing that would turn me off is if he had a forest of hair growing atop that foot.

Men with an Australian or New Zealand accent. Alex O'Loughlin and Antony Starr come readily to mind. Although they have very believable American accents for Hawaii Five-0 and Banshee, they are from Down Under. Irish accents?  Oh, yeah. Talk to me Jamie Dornan. Mrs. Boyett-Compo will see you now. Scots? Not so much but usually when Gerard Butler is speaking I'm not listening to what he's saying. I'm too busy looking at his face.

So, ladies. What turns you on? What Certain Things do the men you find irresistible do or wear or say that makes you get all ooey, gooey? Let's hear what you have to say.

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  1. A black belt with a silver buckle is pretty specific. LOL. Nice list! Good idea for a blog post.

  2. Oh, mama! A pair of tight black leather pants, a black long-sleeved silk shirt opened half-way down a hairy chest, black boots and that black belt with a big silver buckle? Sex on two legs right there.