Monday, December 1, 2014

RELEASE DAY... NAUGHTY LIST is now available everywhere!

The 13 authors of The Naughty Literati are very happy to announce that our first boxed set of alternately hot, thoughtful, funny, emotional, poignant, suspenseful, and always passionate love stories is now available anywhere you could wish to buy it. Amazon/Kindle, iTunes, Googleplay, B&N, Kobo... we wanted to make certain our readers have the opportunity to enjoy NAUGHTY LIST on all of their favorite digital platforms.

For authors (and hopefully for more than a few readers) a Release Day is a special bubble in time. It's that moment when weeks or months of work and anticipation all of the sudden come to fruition. Just like that, voilĂ  and ta-da -- a book is born. 

To celebrate we're giving away a Kindle Paperwhite that's packed with our authors' books, so don't forget to enter before December 7, 2014! 

Since October of this year, while working closely to put our stories together from miles, many time zones, and sometimes hemispheres apart, the members of The Naughty Literati found we enjoyed playing together so much that we've already got our next boxed set of sensual-to-erotic stories on the drawing board for a February/Valentine's release. That's right. While we're still enjoying today's Release Day glow (and some truly lovely early reviews for NAUGHTY LIST... thank you!) we're already sharpening our quills and shaping more naughty happily-ever-afters for our next release. Stay tuned for NAUGHTY HEARTS coming in February 2015.

Clearly, there is no rest for the naughty!

Naughtily yours,

The Naughty Literati

Alexa, Belle, Berengaria, Charlotte, Francesca, Katherine, Lainey-Jo, Lynne, Marianne, Nicole, Regina, Suz, and Trinity

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