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Weaving a mesmerizing tale of witchcraft and eroticism, The NightWind's Visit will take you on a whirlwind journey into a lonely woman's heart and a demon's hellish passions.

The NightWind lays bare the hidden desires of an abandoned woman's soul. For those women who have ever known the brutish sneer of a handsome man; the knowing smirk of a beautiful woman; the disdain of strangers or the disregard of family, this tantalizing tale of supernatural love and passion will have them cheering for Margeaux and wishing for a visit from Ardian Cree.

But be careful what you wish for, dear one, for the NightWind is listening!

Hi, I'm Charlotte Boyett-Compo (Charlee to my friends). I've had several people e-mail me to ask what exactly is a NightWind from The NightWind's Visit. They are curious to know more about this sexy being. Well, here goes: 

I created the first NightWind...Sentian Cree...many years ago in NIGHTWIND and since then his breed of demons have been in several of my novels. I have to keep a tight leash on each of them for they tend to run around causing mischief if I don't. You can find another of them in my latest Ellora's Cave release THE NIGHTWIND'S WOMAN if you want to get to know more about these hot-blooded guys. Visit my website at www.windlegends.org to read an excerpt and the reviews.

NightWinds are ancient demons brought up from the muck of the Abyss to serve the Ones who call him. A lonely woman’s tears, her desperation bring him forth and it will be to her and her kin—for generations to come—to whom he will be bound by a blood oath neither can ever break. In exchange for their immortal souls--which they barter freely to the demon--the women are given wealth, beauty, and power far beyond anything they could achieve on their own. The NightWind will be at the service of her family for as long as the line survives. If a generation--or more--is skipped, he will bide his time in the Abyss until a female is born to whom he can bind himself. If he is allowed free reign he will grow harder and harder to control. He MUST be attached to a witch who will hold his reins tightly to keep him in hand. The Book of Shadows has an incantation from which to summon him and both he and the female must sign their names in blood in the book.

His Abilities and Limitations:

(1. He is an incubus—a male sex demon—but can change into a succubus—a female sex demon—if he wishes to take the sperm of a human male in order to impregnate his lady. As a female, he will gather the sperm and then as the male, insert it into the witch he serves.

(2. Some say his lair is in the frigid wilds of space while there are those who believe it is in the hidden bogs of Ireland or beneath the ridges of the oldest volcano lurking in the deepest part of the ocean. When he is sent back to the Abyss, he can not leave of his own accord. He must be summoned by a witch or a magus with the power to raise him.

(3. Can shapeshift and appear/disappear at will in any guise he chooses.

(4. Has enormous strength and a raging temper that knows no boundaries. He is not adverse to killing and feels no remorse at doing so. He can be bound not to exhibit his brutal nature if the witch wishes.

(5. Must reside within the Abyss until called for by a witch of his line (a familial commitment to that witch by blood). Some who have been granted their freedom after thousands of years of service or have proven they are completely trustworthy and will not harm mankind, can go and come at will within their lair inside the Abyss. One mistake, though, and they will be cast into the Everlasting Torment from which there is no reprieve. 

While a NightWind is primarily an incubus, a male demon in orientation, a Martiya is a succubus and is always female in orientation. It is a much more dangerous creature--as are all females of any species. It is a ruthless, violent, and dangerous entity that hates men. It will use its vast psychic and supernatural abilities to destroy and kill a male upon whom it has cast its sight.

Controlled most often by Roms (gypsy mages), the Martiya is primordially evil and will leave inside its victim a genetic marker so it can find him wherever he goes. The marker is known as the crùca.

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