Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Fascinating and Illogical World of Time Travel Romance

Are you a fan of Time Travel romances? Most time travel romances are fish-out-of-water stories. The hero or heroine travels through time and ends up falling in love with someone from a different time period, quite different from their own. Most involve travel back in time, like Jude Deveraux’s Night in Shining Amour, or Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander.

I’ve read and enjoyed several time travel romances and see them more as paranormal romances than science fiction because they usually gloss over the technical details and mechanics on HOW the characters manage to get from one time to another. Usually there is no time machine, little or no scientific theory or explanation.

Some Mechanisms Used in Romance Time Travels

Magical amulets, stone circles or monuments, tomb stones, enchanted dreams, car crashes, casting spells, angering a sorcerer or witch, falling overboard into the sea and being rescued by pirates from another century, mysterious mirror, dimensional portals at a secret location, etc.

Butterfly Effect in Time Travel Stories

An author can get themselves tangled in the logical or illogical details of time travel. Best to keep it simple when writing these stories. Decide how to handle your world ahead of time, and how will the story end? The Butterfly Effect states that small changes can cause large effects. In time travel, a small change could cause catastrophic effects in the future. Read Ray Bradbury’s story, A Sound of Thunder demonstrates this very well. A time traveler literally steps on, and kills, a prehistoric butterfly and when the character returns to present day, society has completely changed in horrific ways.

How would you handle going back in time only a few years and meeting with your younger self? Watch Back to the Future movies. They also dealt with the Butterfly Effect. A current TV series Timeless goes back in time to major historic events and tries to stop an enemy from changing history.
Inspiration for Edge of Passion
Inspiration for the cottage in the forest

Bunratty castle gave me the idea for the story location 

Ancient Irish brooch is used in the story
Edge of Passion and Time Travel

Edge of Passion is my novella in the Naughty Novellas anthology. It takes place around an ancient Irish castle and a mysterious cottage in the nearby forest. This story does deal with a time travel element but neither the hero or heroine are from another time. But they both have to deal with people who are, and events and a cottage that are connected to the past. The mechanism I used in the story are ley lines. Ley lines are supposed to align spiritual, mystical and the earth’s electromagnetic energies. Many ancient monuments are built on ley lines. The cottage appears and disappears and those who reside inside are from another time. The hero has had a past relationship with a woman from the past and that plays into the story. I liked how the characters from the past interact with those from the current time and would like to add more stories in this world.

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  1. I love time travel romances. My fave is Somewhere in Time (Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour) based on the book Bid Time Return. Wow, the movie was awesome. The music was to die for. Congrats on your latest, Kathy! :)

  2. Thanks, Tina. I love that movie!!! One of my favorite romance movies. And the music is awesome. In that story it seemed he surrounded himself with elements of that time period and 'willed' or projected himself back in time. Very cool!

  3. I loved Somewhere in Time, too. A similar premise was used in Jack Finney's Time and Again.

    I love the picture of Bunratty. Urquhart on the shore of Loch Ness was my castle of choice.