Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Letting the Imagination Roam Free

by Katherine Kingston

Those of you who are familiar with my stories in the Naughty Literati anthologies know that I don’t stay with one genre.  My stories have included several contemporary (usually with some level of BDSM), a couple of paranormals, and one historical. If you’re familiar with my Ellora’s Cave books (before they were pulled) you know that I’ve written in a number of genres, everything from Medieval historicals to science fiction.

As career moves go, it’s not the best. Conventional wisdom says that readers like to read the same kinds of books from their favorites.  I even know it’s true that I’ve neglected stories from some of my own favorite authors when they ventured into genres I don’t read or subject areas I avoid.

But I’ve found that the writing variety is necessary for me. I simply can’t do the same type of story over and over again. My muse leads me in all directions and I have to follow or I end up staring at a blank screen for way too long.

So instead of writing nothing, I let my imagination take me where it will and when it will. I write the stories I have to write, not the ones that marketers tell me I need to write.

Right now, though, I’m working on re-releasing previously published stories that I’ve got rights back to. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them.  And one advantage is that I can now group them by category and genre.  The first batch I’m republishing were not considered a series at EC, but they are inter-related: my contemporary BDSM, menage stories.

The first two of the Suburban Dominants stories, Dominant Boys of Summer and Nick’sLady, are already available. More are coming soon!  This is a series made up of a couple of shorts stories, several full-length novels and a novella. Each story is self-contained, connected by the characters, though each story focuses on a different couple.

On March 31st, the third story in the series, Charming the Masters, released. This one is a short story with strong BDSM and menage elements.  I hope to get out the fourth, a full-length novel, Kyle’s Bargain in May, and then the novella, Cilla’s Master in June or July. The last one in the group is a Christmas story, Secret Santa Sir, so I’d like to have it out later in the year. I have covers for all of them except the Christmas story. I’m excited about the look my cover designer gave this series.

Blurb for Charming the Masters: The amulet Lindy wears to the club’s Halloween party is imbued with a love charm intended to snag the attention of the man who’s most right for her in the room. She’s looking for a really masterful man, and she’s convinced Rick Lowery is the one. Rick does respond to her, but so does his friend, Kyle Harrison. Is she woman enough to handle submitting to both of them? And what will happen when she has to confess to them what she’s done?

I’ve had a lot of fun with these characters.  I hope I get a chance to visit them in a new story or two sometime soon.

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