Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sometimes a Fantasy #romance #LoveIsInTheAirAntho #NaughtyLovers

Fantasies make the world go round!

I don’t mean sexual fantasies, not really, though those are fun, too!

But regular old garden-variety daydreams can be just as much fun, in their own way.

I’ve always been drawn to the entertainment industry and have worked both with actors and musicians in various capacities over the last several decades. As a very shy person, I wasn’t always as drawn to the stage as I was drawn to behind the stage.

But there is a little part of me that always dreamed of performing. I got a very cool chance to sing backup for Meat Loaf (alongside some other fans) for his Storytellers appearance in the ‘90s, but my clip didn’t make it to the performance, though I can hear myself on the DVD.

So when I first heard about Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp, I was fascinated. Regular people like you and me can play music with rock icons in a camp setting, and then perform live at the end of the camp. Sounds like a pretty incredible experience, doesn’t it? I haven’t done it yet, but it is on my wishes and dreams list.

As I pondered plot ideas for Naughty Lovers, I started to get intrigued by the idea of a musician and a camper meeting up at one of these, their chemistry undeniable. And that was where Renaissance began.

Kira McGrath fronts a tribute band, and while she enjoys it immensely, she wants more from her music career. Her bandmates don’t take her songwriting seriously, and she’s at a crossroads. Should she continue on her current course, or should she try to break out and do some solo work, performing her own songs.

Kira’s especially excited to attend the camp because she’ll be working with Novell Vinge, who is a hugely successful writer in her world. At the last minute, though, Novell has an accident and has to drop out of the camp. There’s been no news of his replacement as of the start of camp, and Kira is very unsettled.

It just gets worse--or better!--when she learns that Sage Daniels will be the replacement counselor. See, Kira’s tribute band is called Cats by Day, and they’re a tribute band that plays the many hits of Nocturnal Lions, Sage’s band.

And to complicate things even further, the sexual chemistry between Kira and Sage is off the charts.

Uh oh!

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Will Sage look at Kira as an equal? Will Kira look at Sage as an equal?

How will they make beautiful music together?

You don’t have long to find out!  

As for me, I still haven’t done a fantasy camp, but I’m hopeful that I'll do one some day!

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