Monday, February 1, 2016

Pushing The Limits

Pushing boundaries is not being content with the norm and wanting to experiment, expand your frontiers, boldly move out of your comfort zone and make new discoveries. I am a firm believer that getting out of your comfort zone and pushing boundaries is how you grow. History has proven this to be true time and again. There are countless examples of people who created positive change by being brave enough to push against societal constraints.

I practice this concept in both my personal life and my writing. In 2013 I took a major leap from my comfort zone and boundaries. Instead of dreaming about what I wanted, I went for it. After 40 years of living in Florida, I bucked tradition--no empty nest for me. Instead of my children leaving home, I did. I took a major leap of faith, left my job of 12 years and moved to Colorado for a new job without having sold my house. I handed the keys over to a realtor, packed up my car and drove 1,900 miles alone. I didn't even have a rental house leased when I left. About three hours into the drive, I nearly had a panic attack but talked myself through it and kept driving. I am so happy to be living in this beautiful state, seeing new sights and meeting different people. That never would have happened if I'd stayed within my familiar comfort zone.

When my first erotic romance, Passionate Realities, was published in 2005, I pushed the genre boundaries. At that time, M/M sexual interactions within the genre were rare and I bravely went there. Oh, I fought it at first but that's where my characters kept insisting they wanted to take their menage. The heroine encouraged her guys to explore and push past their own comfort zones. I followed their lead, pushing past my own barriers, and couldn't be happier with the results.
Note: You won't find Passionate Realities on my website as I am working to get my rights back from my former publisher.

I am still pushing writing/societal boundaries in my upcoming story with the Naughty Literati, Cinderella Scandal, part of the Naughty Lovers boxed-set which will be available March 1st. This story pushes the societal boundaries of step-sibling romantic relationships. Nolan and Carly meet and indulge their mutual lust before learning that his dad and her mom have eloped, making them step-siblings. Since there is no blood relation between the pair their budding relationship is not wrong yet they must face societal prejudices against such a union.

Cinderella Scandal Blurb: It was a onetime indulgence—a random encounter between strangers. A good girl’s dirty little secret with her bad boy stepbrother. Anything else is forbidden. Or is it?
Click here to read an excerpt from the first chapter.

The future is a blank page waiting to be written. Are you brave enough to move forward, push past the boundaries and discover what's out there waiting for you?

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