Monday, February 6, 2017

Coming Soon - the Passions Series!

By Katherine Kingston

 The Passions stories are a series of loosely related Medieval historical romances that include strong BDSM and Domestic Discipline themes. The heroes are alpha and dominant but the heroines are also strong women in their own right.

The first in the series is a romantic short story. The others are full-length novels.

I've always loved the Medieval period, particularly in England. It was a fluid, dynamic time, a romantic time when knights and ladies ruled and the ideal of courtly love flourished but was always rubbing against the harsh realities of daily life.

 All of these stories were formerly published by a now-defunct epublisher.  I’ve re-edited them to take out some gratuitous language and scenes, and to improve the grammar.

The first one, Daring Passion, a short story, is now available for pre-order at Amazon and elsewhere. It will release on March 1st.

I hope to release the next three on the first of each month following that. I wanted covers that would share some of the branding from my contemporary novels, but would have their own distinct look as well, something that would suggest historical with hints of BDSM and Domestic Discipline.  I think my cover designer outdid herself with these.

Blurb for Daring Passion: What’s a lady to do when her father and the suitor she favors can’t get together on the terms of the dowry, and neither is willing to give an inch? Take matters into her own hands, of course. Even if it means taking a risk with her intended, her reputation, and her future…


  1. I love this era too. Totally hooked on Reign and The Vikings. These books sound wonderful. Can't wait to read.