Friday, February 27, 2015

Craving a Dream Hunk by Marianne Stephens

So..what do YOU call a naked man in your backyard? (My answer: Anything he wants!)

Raise your hand if you don't fantasize about some hunk tending to your every need and desire. Hmm. I don't see a hand in sight! Sit back and fantasize with me about hunks and how useful they can be.

Things a hunk can do:

1. Give you a massage. Just imagine those strong, masculine hands molding your flesh as you lie serenely in a panting combination of bliss and desire. He starts by your shoulders and then his hands travel lower, lower, lower.

Are you squirming yet? How about when he begs you to turn over so he can do a complete job?

2. Wait on you "hand and foot". Picture him telling you to relax while he disappears into the kitchen to whip up a romantic dinner for two...wearing jeans, a smile, and a cute cowboy hat.

Did you reach out to touch his hot body?

3. Prepare a bubble bath for two. He leads you into the bathroom and turns on the tub's faucet, adjusting it so it's "just right". After adding the bubble bath soap, he removes his clothing...slowly, and swivels his body in all directions so you don't miss a thing. Next, he offers to undress you before you both step into the tub, bubbles popping, so he can help you enjoy a relaxing soak.

Do you run your fingers down his muscular body as he removes your clothes?

4. Satisfy your sexual needs. He leads you into a bedroom where he's lit dozens of candles to add ambiance to the room. The aroma of lavender, roses, vanilla, or whatever is your favorite, mingles with his all-male scent. He's placed satin sheets on the your favorite color. You lie down, and he tells you to enjoy the evening, since he plans to cater to your every wish. Your urges and requests become his dedicated demands.

Have you told him what you want done first, fast, and all night?

Now that I have you panting with images of that special hunk you've always desired, you can answer the questions in your dreams. You will dream about him tonight, won't you?

Marianne Stephens
photos:Flickr: PinkMoose photostream and 


  1. Sexy post! I love the hot guy in the cowboy hat. There's something about a man who will wait on you hand and foot!

  2. My husband and I just moved to a farm. I keep telling him we need to hire a young buck as a farmhand. Of course all farmhand work would be done shirtless...